Tuesday, February 9


Imagine my surprise when I discovered our Miss Elise was short! She is back row far right. I guess I have not seen her among her peers for comparison.

And here she is second from left in the back row.

Monday, February 8

Canyon Lake friends

Our Canyon Lake friends (San Antonio area) came down to the Rio Grande Valley to spend a week on South Padre. These are people we became acquainted with through Snow Mountain Ranch.
 Due to the fact that this week is a busy one for Butch we went to visit them yesterday, our only free day. I took 3 cameras with me- my old standby Fuji, my smartphone and the new GoPro. I have not mastered the handling of videos yet so we will skip that part for now. Videos use a large amount of data and time. We enjoyed lunch at Dirty Al's, walked on the beach and visited the afternoon away. All in all, a great way to spend the day.

The Pelicans are waiting for a free lunch

 Here is the reason the Pelicans have such an interest. This young man is cleaning Red Snappers and he will throw them some scraps.
 Nice boat

 Lisa is watching the action. Butch is posted on the other side of Lisa.
  Gull is hanging out for a tidbit as well.
 My best shot of the day!
We returned to the campground and gathered for drinks and conversation.
I will try with the names but ask forgiveness beforehand when I screw up.
Here we have Terry, Roxy and Larry.
 Laura and her husband, Sharon, Mike, Lou and Gary.
 Newly met friend and her husband Carl-then Butch

 Party crasher!

And if you wonder where Santa goes after Christmas, at least this week he is parked next to Terry and Lisa  on South Padre Island!