Friday, May 18

Jefferson Album

Here are pictures I have taken so far while we have been in Jefferson even though not all of them were taken here. There is one that I consider better than the rest in many ways. Can you guess which one? on the first picture to see all of them and then you can choose to see them as a slideshow.

Jefferson '07

Wednesday, May 16


If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time.
- Edith Wharton

At Leo's

We are parked at Butch's brother Leo's and his wife Keri's place. And will be until we head west around the 27th. We have gotten a couple of nice walks in...always a good thing. Last night we enjoyed popcorn, wine and conversation getting caught up on the doings and happenings of friends, family and the town of Jefferson. Leo has four fat ducks waddling all over the place. Also Lexi the dog and numerous cats and kittens. A little too much animal activity for Angel.
Jason came over from Boone IA yesterday and golfed with Butch while I went shopping in the old hometown and stopped by Shirley Franey's place to assist her with a couple of computer issues. So ordinary life is taking place and we all need plenty of that in between adventures.
I have plans to get some kitty pics. The ones I have seen are fluffy little balls of energy and I am sure will give me plenty of photo ops. I understand there are some newly born ones too but they will not be out and about before we head west.
Till next time...

Monday, May 14

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More Lake Anita Pics

My yarn scraps are in the robin's nest

Boys fishing with their dog

Merlin and Bevs grandson Mike

Merlin helping Mike with his catch. Merlin and Bev put their new pontoon on the water for the first time and we were lucky enough to get a tour of Lake Anita in it.