Saturday, January 12

Peculiar Snow

Gary and Susan in Peculiar MO have some beautiful snow at their place.

Friday, January 11

Life bubbles along...

To be perfectly honest things have been bubbling along like a percolator. I use one, by the way, a percolator. In the motorhome, I like the size of it. I do not like to sacrifice counter space.

 I have been playing some pool on a casual basis. On a whim, someone will suggest we go hit a few and so we do. Been playing some cribbage in the same way. Pick up games is what some people call them.
And I do have plans to play some golf. Yes, really! I find I do better with the impromptu activities. So it works for me.
And then there is trivia. Last week unbeknownst to me the fellow who has the Sunday afternoon time slot was in the room. He came over between rounds and introduced himself. Seems like a nice guy. His first comment to me was, "You sure have a lot of categories!" And I said, " yes, I do!" And that told me that he does not. I am guessing his are theme-based trivia sessions. I do not have any plans to change the way I do it. Hmmm-I wonder if he does.

I bought a bicycle yesterday. Should have it next Tuesday. I am excited! Butch says it is my Christmas present. That sparked a memory of the last time I received a bicycle as a Christmas gift. I was 8! I had to wait till Spring to learn to ride it. That one was blue. This one is red. The two bikes have similarities. They were both one speed and the brakes are the old fashioned ones too. The new one has a step-through and most importantly it is foldable! I needed a bike to get around the park in a faster manner. This park is larger in area.
Here is a picture of my Christmas gift. It is a Citizen bike and they are being offered with free shipping. I plan to have Butch take a picture of me with my bike.

We are having company for supper. Spaghetti Squash, Salad, Garlic bread. No dessert.
I am loving the flow of life right now. It feels right and it feels good.
Till next time!

Wednesday, January 9

Back to normal

I can put up with the parts of having a cold as long as I can breathe through my nose at least partially. But when you become a total " mouth-breather" it is just too much. All day Saturday and a good part of Sunday I was a total mouth-breather. Thankfully Butch reminded me to get started on Zicam right away and I did. We use the nasal swabs and to be sure I can get them without checking out every store in a fifty-mile radius I order them online. I am happy to say they once again shortened my cold. You may not think they do any good as you are using them but shortening a cold from 7 days to 3 is a win in my book.
We had 5 teams at Trivia last night. The only complaint was the acoustics in the Sunrise Room. The Sunrise room and the Sunset Room remind me of a greenhouse with lots of glass and curved at the top in the same way a greenhouse is curved. The result is sounds are accentuated. The noise level is high with normal conversation and if you add a bit of enthusiasm over a win it becomes unbearable. I have talked to the activity director and she is working on a solution. I will let you know the results.

I understand the trivia in Jefferson will now be at the casino. They must have outgrown the space at the Market Grille. I know it was always crowded on Thursday nights and regular food patrons could not find a place to sit.
Changes are always happening. Some good and some not so good. We are left with learning to roll with the punches or being very grateful. Sometimes both at the same time. Till next time...

I'm Okay

As I age I have more and more trouble with spelling. In elementary school, I excelled at spelling so it is rather disconcerting to draw a blank on how to spell "geniuses". I am relating this to Butch and he said, "You know, when a witch gets older she loses her power to do a 'spell'." Now some might take that as an insult but the truth be known his quick wit is one of the things that attracted me to him in the very beginning so it made me laugh and also reminded me why I like him. 💕

Monday, January 7


I am still in the grip of a head cold. If not the worst it is at least in the top 10. May not have news from me until I feel human again.😞

Sunday, January 6

Head Cold @!$%^&

So last night I was hit with a full-blown head cold! We were at Dave and Liz's playing cribbage and my nose plugged up. I am never sure if it is allergies or a head cold so operated on the assumption of allergies. Wrong! 100% sure it is a head cold now. Chills and hot flashes, plugged nose that will not stay cleared, and feeling generally punky. So anyone who has been in contact with me lately should probably take precautionary measures and I deeply apologize.
I had signed up to play pool in a couples event this afternoon but that isn't going to happen.

Saturday in the parks

Butch and I went to Magnolia park to wish Kay a happy birthday. We decided to take a walk around as we used to do twice a day in years past. We would walk the 1.2-mile route hitting every street. It was a good way to see many people as the weather was perfect and people were outdoors.
I had walked a route I like in Trophy Gardens early yesterday morning. Judging from the time it took, my guess is about a 2-mile walk.
Here are some pics I took yesterday. Taking in the early morning sun

Playing "Skins"? Golfers talk funny

Harvesting a cabbage field