Friday, October 23

Swedish Weaving Class-Granbury Texas

I met Cindy a few years ago online through a Swedish weaving site on Yahoo. I met her in person last year about this time. I told her we were in the area and she told me about her class so I stopped in yesterday afternoon.

Shortly after this photo was taken Cindy poked herself with a very large needle (the blood really spurted!)and had to go for medical attention. So our visit was cut short but Cindy is okay and will live to weave again.

Thursday, October 22

Rain, Rain and More Rain

It rained all day yesterday and all night last night. There is standing water everywhere. Our home is on somewhat of a gravel pedestal so we didn't have any immediate worries. I know it was in excess of 3 inches of rain perhaps closer to 5 inches.
But today the sun has finally made a reappearance. Yippee!! We need to get ourselves outside for some exercise. And perhaps we can do some touristy things without getting wet.

Wednesday, October 21


The deer are plentiful on Pecan Plantation

Our son Gary

This is a great picture of our son Gary- the Missouri son.

Tuesday, October 20


Here is the situation as we have it right now. We are located at the Pecan Plantation Campground near Granbury Texas visiting friends Mike and Sharon Bryce. Our Internet connection exists but it is weak, slow and intermittent. I am able to check mail and do basics. Our Verizon phone connection is always or nearly always searching for signal which draws our battery down very quickly. So to reach us it is probably best by email while we are here. And we are not sure how long that will be. I can make phone calls however. The whole situation is a little weird.
They tell us it is really hot yet in the valley and the weather is nearly perfect where we are so we find ourselves in the midst of a balancing act. So while we are in limbo bear with us. I hope you blog checkers still check in and I will continue to try for daily posts but if I do not, you will know I ran into a technosnag(my word).
We arrived here about 10:30 this morning and Butch and Mike headed for the golf course shortly thereafter while Sharon and I visited the afternoon away.
Sharon made Runza Casserole and pecan pie bars for supper so you know Butch was in heaven. Golf and his favorite casserole and dessert to boot.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain so not sure what we may be doing...but it will be fun for sure.

Sunday, October 18

Parade Chickens

It was way too cold for us to go to the parade yesterday so we watched on tv and I took photos just like I was really there. No, the quality is not as good but we were much warmer. When the parade was about 2/3rds done it really poured! That made our decision even more sane!
Here is the slideshow!
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