Friday, January 15

Busier than usual day

Computer class this morning where we worked on cut, copy, and paste.

And then Butch and I went to Walmart to discuss drug prices. I was very lucky in that there were no lines so I had the full attention of a druggist. I like the store-on Salinas in Donna- and I like the pharmacy personnel. They are patient and helpful. I asked this fellow many questions about prices of various meds and then I said, "Thank you very much and now I am going to Mexico to buy them." I said this with a smile and then, "I suppose you hear this all the time." He said, "Yes, but when I buy my own I go to Mexico too." Also said with a smile. Nice guy.

So then we go to Mexico. LOTS OF PEOPLE! I have not seen it that crowded for two years. Both parking lots were full. There were also many Federales. Camo guys with lots of guns patrolling the streets of Nuevo Progresso. We ran into Jim and Janet Rader and joined them for lunch at Arturos. The Pancho's were good. Not as good as Garcia's but better than Elsa's. We are sure missing Garcia's for Panchos. My own version is getting better as I practice.
Got home about 3:00. We feel like that is a busy day for us.

Thursday, January 14

Old Lady

There is an old lady in our park who is 98 or 99 years of age. I really did not expect to see her this year. She used to drive herself down but after several scrapes on the side of her car, someone in her northern life decided she should no longer drive herself to Texas from Minnesota. So the past few years her grandson has driven her down, stuck around for about a week and left her here. She no longer has a drivers license. In fact, she cannot see very well having one very bad cataract and another almost as bad. In the past, she has had kind-hearted people in the park to take care of her. That is not easy to do as she has a habit of being demanding, unfair and disagreeable. This year she does not happen to have 'good help'. So she hired a local handyman to fix her car, put a new battery in it so she can drive to the mailbox and the garbage. Yesterday was her first excursion and she made it without getting or giving any injuries to any thing or any body. It was the talk of the park and many people were watching her every move and trying to stay out of her path. There have been complaints filed with management and I am anxious to see if anything gets done and if so what.
Update: I only have observation to tell me the results. Her car has been moved and where it is parked would have taken skills she does not possess. She is sporting a new hairdo and was seen as a passenger in a car. So my guess is she has been grounded by management but has found someone to take her where she wants to go...for a fee...for now. Only one of many soap operas in a park for the retired.

It is okay

I have reached an age where I have fallen into a rut. The odd thing is I am okay with it. If you had told my 35-year-old self that I would ever be okay with being in a rut well let us just say I wouldn't have agreed with you.
Many words I said in my youth have had to be eaten. One was that I would always keep up with the latest music trends. That one fell by the wayside so long ago I cannot even remember it. I do remember having said it.
 I remember trying to teach my mother some of the dances of the 60's and she was stiff as a board. Another thing I did not plan to let happen to me. Well, some days I am stiff as a board. In fact, most days I am stiff as a board.
I am happy sitting here in my quiet house entrenched in my rut stiff as a board.Smileycons!

Today is Costco Thursday. Peggy will be picking me and two others up in a bit to go to Costco. I do not really need anything today.  I will have more time to just browse and nibble all the samples and have some time outside my rut.