Saturday, July 30

Scarlett Ann

The newest Great grand Scarlett Ann  born 7/29/11.
 and her mama Ann


On my early morning walk I was thinking to myself, "I carried this camera with me for nothing." And then I spotted these sunflowers and the sunlight was perfect so it all fell together. Funny how that happens.

Friday, July 29

Jefferson Matters

Last night Butch and I went to a meeting at the local theater. It is about a group of Jefferson citizens embarking on a project to get Jefferson designated as a Main Street USA town. After the meeting I am quite sure they will get it done. I say they because we are fully entrenched in our own part of making Jefferson a better place and until we get our project completed I hesitate to take on more responsibilities. It did give me confidence in the town, its citizens and the direction they are headed. Jefferson indeed has much to offer and it indeed matters.

Thursday, July 28

Wednesday, July 27

Rain, Heat and other stuff

Cloud cover- off and on rain- 77 degrees with promises of higher heat later-like 90's. Walk or no walk?
I am all for it. I would rather walk in the rain than the sun when we have these kinds of temps.
We had in excess of 10 calls from the diabetic people who are trying to give me a new meter. If I took every one offered I would have a giant box of test meters. I do not answer these calls. I have been told that is the best plan of action with the very best being to change our number. Butch doesn't want me to do that but after being awakened from his nap yesterday he might change his mind. My method of dealing with them is to put them on my blocked list. But with my unreliable connection I have difficulty getting to the website to do that.
So this morning I finally got the two numbers (10 calls each) that called us all day yesterday blocked. Most likely it will be a different number today. We are registered on the do not call list but I re-registered today for all the good that will do. I also tried to file a complaint but their website was down for complaints. I still may change the number. If I do I will try to notify as many people as possible.
Whew! Glad to get that off my chest.
Butch golfed yesterday but decided 10 o'clock is too late with this kind of heat. He didn't do too bad though shooting a 42.

Tuesday, July 26

What won't they think of next!!

3D Printer.... pretty amazing

This printer can reproduce an actual tool!


Something I noticed

I went for a walk this morning. Tried to beat the heat but failed. I decided to walk the route I always took home from school just for old times sake. There is a little old lady (not me) who walks all over town. I have seen her everywhere. She walks to Fareway to get her groceries even. I have seen her many times with a filled grocery bag in each hand. She wears slacks, a long sleeved shirt tucked in and a bucket hat. Sensible shoes of course. Today I saw her pushing a grocery cart and she was a long way from Fareway. It gave me pause for thought...Did she actually abscond with it?...Did she ask permission? ...Does she plan to take it back tomorrow? I went on with my walk deciding to go to Pamida which is about a block or so from Fareway. After I shopped I headed back toward town and who did I see but Maggie- gotta give her a name- and she was coming away from Fareway without the cart! That little ol' gal- Maggie had walked all the way out to Fareway, purchased her groceries, walked all the way home pushing the cart, unloaded her groceries and then returned the cart. She made the trip twice! I do not know where she lives but it is farther than we live from Fareway. From our house it is at least a mile I am guessing. I was impressed. And for those who might wonder she is very slim and trim. I am impressed!

Monday, July 25

The Brothers and Others

Butch's brother Bill came up from Arkansas to install our furnace and AC. Plumbing and Heating has been Bills area of expertise his entire working life. And we, his family are very lucky to have him.  Cannot think of one who would disagree with that. Butch was his assistant and did other  things when he wasn't needed to assist.
Bill is very damp around the edges.

Butch is trying to get to the pipes needed for the furnace.

And then Leo came to help me with my walk way. His passion is landscape and I for one am very grateful for his help. Landscaping is hard work and something I would find very difficult to do.  It puts the finishing touch on any place. Think about it. Not many people overall see the inside of your home but think of the thousands who drive by and see the outside.
Butch's ideal yard is one unbroken span of grass without any obstruction to get in the way of a mower. It has been a bone of contention between us for 52 years. I go out with him when he runs a weedeater to protect the plants I choose to keep.
 Keri helped with food prep and I served the food and kept the guys hydrated with plenty of water and lemonade.
So yesterday was a very busy place around here and today looks to be more of the same. More steps in the right direction.
In these summertime days of Iowa heat and humidity my mind wanders back to the past 4 summers of workamping in Colorado and Michigan. We made some really great friends in both places and I must say I do miss them. The wanderlust that posseses the two of us raises its lazy head now and then. It is apparent when we made the trips to Webster City. As short as they were it stirred the desire to wander a bit. So although we are enjoying our project I am sure we will not give up our roaming of the roads until we absolutely have to.

Sunday, July 24

Marlene's salad

I have asked Marlene for her salad recipe on more than one occasion and as it was one of the things she made and served yesterday it was the perfect time to ask again. She has discovered that she did not have it written down anywhere. Sounds like I am really lucky to get it!! At any rate here it is as she wrote it to me in an email and I plan to take the time to put it in more of a recipe format. She tells us this recipe is over 60 years old. After high school Marlene worked at the bank and this recipe was brought to a gathering and Marlene acquired it from a co-worker. She has made it many times since and it is always popular. It makes a perfect salad for the holidays.
 Dissolve 1- 3 oz pkg. lemon jello in 11/2 cup boiling water then into this mixture dissolve 12 large marshmallows cut into 4ths and 3 oz. softened cream cheese  (if these don’t completely dissolve, I sometimes microwave it so the marshmallows do dissolve) then I usually beat it just a bit with the mixer or egg beater to completely dissolve the cream cheese. Refrigerate and let mixture partially set, and if need be beat again to dissolve the ingredients.  Then fold in a small can of crushed pineapple, if there is too much juice in it, drain it a bit, mix ½ cup mayonnaise with ½ carton whipped topping and fold into jello mixture.  Let set for several hours, then dissolve 1 - 3oz pkg. raspberry jello in 1 cup boiling water and add 1 cup cool water, let get cool then pour over top of salad and let set. 
Yesterday we bopped up to the Kelley's (rural Terril Iowa) for lunch and a visit. Lunch? It was more like a feast! When I heard Marlene was making lunch I said count me in. Leo, Butch and I went up for another mini-family reunion. That is what it felt like with Marlene, Bernard, Dan, Sara, Anna and we three sitting around reminiscing and telling tales on each other. It was a fun day.
Taken in a lighthearted moment. Thanks Leo!