Friday, August 12

Storm, Rain, trivia and Bike trail

It rained on the day before yesterday-1.2 inches. and then last night the skies  dumped 2.7 inches. We were at the HyVee Market Cafe playing trivia with a group of friends. We came in second. We enjoy it. Butch didn't think he would so he surprised himself. However, while we were playing the skies opened wide and dumped on us! We had a front row seat for the storm.
This morning I checked out radar to see if it was okay to ride the trail. It looked clear enough so I went. The trail was littered with twigs, leaves and other tree trash. I decided I would ride till I was stopped or I reached the end of my route, whichever came first. The first obstacle was at the entrance to the big river bridge so I stop my bike and cleared the trail. It was not a big branch but just enough to be hazardous to a fast rider. No pic for this one. I walked across the bridge and remounted on the other side. This is the next minor blockage.

The next one was from the top of a dead tree. It was a tall tree but only the top fell on the trail.

 And then we have the deer who are becoming very unafraid. I talked to them I asked them nicely to not run in front of me when I passed by. They were frozen.
 Finally they moved.

So I thought I shall continue until I have to get off my bike again for any kind of issue and it was not too far up the trail when I encountered the next one.

So I decided I had better things to do than clear the trail so this is where I turned around. Even then it was like an obstacle course getting back to Jefferson. 

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