Thursday, March 27

Still Winter in Iowa

Sister Myrla sent this picture. It looks like Hewy is saying, "What alien life form is this?"


Every now and then I overhear a snippet of conversation that tickles my funny bone. This is one that I heard a couple of days ago.
" Put your hearing aids in and get out here and listen to these birds!"

Tuesday, March 25

The Big Switch

We plan to sit tight for a week or two. Fuel prices for one and experience tells us it isn't all that warm up north. In years past I have said we wouldn't be going that way till the leaves were on the trees but that doesn't work either. The few prescriptions we take run out in April so we are obliged to get them renewed. And the leaves are not in full evidence until May. So we plan to leave here around April 11th and slowly travel north to Carthage MO. The Coachlight RV Park has exceedingly soft water so we plan to wash and wax our home there. Then from there up the road to see our Missouri kids. Iowa after that and I am assuming it will be at Lake Anita again till the doctor stuff is done. As of right now that should not amount to much.
My blogging emphasis has been on the Magnolia Park one but that will change once we are out the front gate. We will be in a different spot here next year. For a few years we have been on a spot designed for two small units and they would like us to take a different spot next year so we will be on #57 facing east. It will be nearly across the street from Bill & Jo, closer to the pool and all the other event places. I am sure we will like it fine.
The beauty of the full time lifestyle is that it can be defined in whatever manner suits us. And right now we are suited to doing just as we are. We hope you are too!