Saturday, September 8

JOHN15VINEYARD - TREEHOUSE -North of Scranton Iowa


Drywall update...

It is coming right along. The taping is done and they told us I should be able to paint by the end of next week. So far these guys are doing an excellent job.
Yesterday Butch and I took a tour of the county. We drove through every town in the county except Cooper. Dana almost isn't anymore and Paton looks to be doing very well despite its size. It was an interesting trip. Back in Jefferson we toured the newest housing development on the west side of town. Not many homes as yet but they do have an 8 acre lake out there and it is a pretty one.

Thursday, September 6

Drywall-in process

Butch is standing in the bedroom watching them work in the main room.

Photo taken from breezeway door. Of the two doorways  the left is bedroom and the right is bath

Door on the left is out to the back yard

This is the bedroom- taken from bedroom doorway in the main room

Taken from the front door looking into main room

Looking at front door and future kitchen area

Doors from left: Bedroom,bathroom and front door.

Looking at the breezeway door while standing near the front door.

Standing in the closet looking through the bedroom to the main room.
Standing in the closet looking through the bathroom to the main room

Standing in east end of closet looking toward west end. Door in pic is the bedroom

Standing in west end of closet looking east. Door in pic is bathroom

Butch decided he needed to check shower plumbing for leaks before they drywall. No more to say from here about that. So yesterday he put most of it together in the garage and then when the drywall guys left for the day we plumbed it so we could check for leaks. I said a little prayer for a leak free outcome and my prayers were answered. I was more than a little grateful and I know Butch was as well. Since he had so much of it done ahead it really did not take all that long. Leo and Keri stopped by just as we finished.
They should finish the hanging of drywall and start on the taping and mudding today.
It is coming along and looking very different. This is the day we would have been heading for the Clay County Fair but the gang will have all the fun without us this year. I do have 5 pictures entered so if you are up in the area during the fair have a look see for me.

Tuesday, September 4

Drywall application has Begun

The crew showed up bright and early this morning and started right in applying drywall. It is looking quite different in our little house tonight. I will wait for pictures until they are finished. That may not be for a week or so although they certainly came a long way in one day. The next step will be paint. That is when I get super busy in the house....Butch will be in charge of supper. Hmmm

Monday, September 3

Brady is tired!

Still taking after Grandpa Leo!

Elise videos

Papa Gary sent some Elise videos.
Playing with Doctor's kit:
Elise singing songs. She usually is more clear with the words but she's in a silly mood:
Elise singing and dancing

Gary has very little time these days. He is teaching math and coaching football. Here is a picture of the football team. He is the farthest coach on the right.

I know he would rather be watching his granddaughter grow.

Sunday, September 2

Another Roadtrip

We borrowed Leo's pickup, which he felt the need to clean and fill with fuel before loaning it to us. Silly Boy! And made our way back to the Habitat Restore to pick up the doors. That place is a zoo on Saturday's. I love the place. Butch not so much. Butch planned to go back to Jefferson through Ames until I reminded him of the football game and that sealed it. We made another stop at the Clive Menard's where the naughty boys work. I think they need new and tougher management in that store. Their personnel do not act like they want you interrupting their day,thus I call them the naughty boys. We stopped at Adel for lunch. The plan was to eat at Patrick's but they were closed for the holiday so we chose the 169 Burger Barn. It was an excellent choice. We ordered a quesadilla and it was excellente and large enough to fill us both. Matter of fact it was a bit too much. We would eat there again without question.
When we returned home we swapped back to our vehicle stopping at Colleen's to see how she was since she had passed on walking due to a painful lower back caused by weeding. She was doing a bit better. We visited briefly stopping at the DQ on the way home.
And that pretty much took care of our Saturday.
In a few minutes here I plan to paint doors so Butch can get the hardware on them and finish the install of the pocket doors. I will take a few detail pics for those contemplating adding them to their home. The best and about only place we have found hardware for pocket doors is  .