Saturday, December 3

Friday and Saturday

This week was mostly taken up with garage sale. No matter what is taking place the time flies!! Friday we were preparing for the monthly garage sale. I was one of those participating. Butch and I gather our unwanted and unneeded items throughout the year. I have a large tub in one of the bins of the motorhome and when I run across an item that qualifies I put it in the tub in the bin. Then each December we participate in the monthly garage sale taking place in the park and pare down our belongings. This is the most trouble-free way to ever have a garage sale. All of the items are together in one place and it takes little or no time to get them displayed and priced.
On Friday after we were all set up and ready for the sale, so Butch and I went to a movie. Fascinating Beasts and where to find them. It was worth seeing and I would like to because it had so many interesting tidbits.
Today was the sale and we did well. It is always good to get this sale behind us.

I have jumped headlong into beading again. And Keri will be glad to know I am working diligently on ISU bracelets and they are coming along nicely. So now back to beading!!

Monday, November 28


Butch and I went to McAllen this morning with stops at Chase Bank and Costco.
We needed some cash, gas at Costco ($1.79) and a few food items.
I have been doing some steady beading the past couple of days and have finished off a couple and started a new one. It is once again enjoyable.
We later found out there was a record high temperature in McAllen today of 99 degrees. We are ready for a cool down!

Sunday, November 27

Sunday breakfast

We do not go every Sunday but now and again we go to the El Dorado for  a sausage and egg breakfast taco. They are the very best here. And then we like to do our grocery shopping on Sunday morning. We are small town folk who like roomy grocery aisles and Sunday morning is the best time to find them.


We take our rhubarb for granted in the north. Rhubarb is a cold weather crop and cannot be grown in deep south Texas. Many have tried and all have failed. The conditions here are just not favorable for our redheaded friend. So imagine my surprise when I went to my favorite grocery store, H.E.B. and spotted rhubarb in the produce department. It surprised me so much that I had to take a picture!
And you might think I was mistaken about what it is but I am not.

And here is a close up of the price tag and in fine print, you can see that it states it to be RHUBARB!