Saturday, June 9

High Altitude needs

A list of things needed if you are headed to a high altitude location.
1. Cold weather clothing
2. Lots of water
3. Unscented body lotion
4. Sunscreen
5. Chapstick
6. Lubricating eyedrops
7. Saline nasal spray
Not only is there a lack of oxygen there is also a lack of moisture. Everything drys out very quickly. I can dry blue jeans outside in less time than in the dryer

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Mountain Pics

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Friday, June 8

An Update

We went through our day and a half orientation meeting and learned what we needed to know and work here at Snow Mountain Ranch. We learned a bunch including how to deal with encounters with mountain lions, bears, deer, elk and moose. With moose being the worst because of their unpredictability. All of these animals do not want encounters with us any more than we with them...or so they say.;-)
We learned about the pine beetle infestation and how this area and other areas of Colorado will lose ALL their pine trees over the next 3 years. Luckily they still have their aspens but these areas will look very different for the next 25 years.
We worked today for a 4 hour shift. I found some time to take more mountain pictures and will post them as soon as I finish this section. Do remember that you can click on the individual pictures to see them in larger format seeing far more detail.

Wednesday, June 6

Snow at Snow Mountain

We have experienced snow on more than one day upon arriving in the Rockies.
And this is one of them. See the buildup on the birdfeeder?

We had a full day of orientation today and another half day tomorrow.
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Sunday, June 3

What's Up?

I have been very busy as you might suspect. Still getting used to the altitude. It does seem to be getting better until I have to climb the hill to the commons where we eat. Then I get reminded real quick that I am in a high location. It is beautiful despite the pine beetle infestation which has destroyed most of the pines. The views of the mountains are spectacular and unrestricted.
Our job is Campground Host which covers a multitude of duties but after doing it for 3 days this week the bulk of it is cleaning the restroom/showers. That part of the job is done daily and thoroughly and more than resembles WORK. ;-) On the other hand who can complain with all the bennies we enjoy. I need to clean out the fridge because most everything in there needs tossed. I have yet to cook a meal since we have been here. The food is healthy, plentiful, varied and delicious. The senior volunteers usually eat together in the Commons and we have already made many new friends.
We haven't been able to establish a routine as yet but I have hopes it will happen soon.

More SMR Pics

These flowers are waiting to be planted at the Hopi Campground
where we are hosts. But we must wait for the night time temps to be higher than 30 degrees!

Our Mountain Home

A hummer at Hopi
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SMR pics

The hummers are everywhere!!

The restroom/showers in Hopi Campground.
I planted the flower containers yesterday
but they will still need to be covered at night.

The snow covered part is known as "The Hand of God"
And the 'stripes' below that are ski runs of Winter Park.
You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger view.

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