Saturday, July 6

That and This as Liz would say...

Friends Randy and Sherri from Atlantic stopped by on their way home from a golf outing near Algona. We always have a lot to catch up on with them every time we touch base. Randy had a bout with a flesh-eating disease last fall and is lucky to be alive. He had 12 different doctors and months of hospitalizations and tests. He is very fortunate to still have his arm and be able to use it.

Sherri was telling me there were people on RAGBRAI with Citizens bikes. That amazed me but she said the reason was that they folded up so small and were easy to transport as well as be able to put them in their tent with them each night. Mine is only a one-speed but they do have them with 7 speeds.

The Wednesday night trivia session was small at the Elks Club. It was the night before the 4th but the only ones attending were all my friends. It better be picking up some new people or the point of doing it will be moot. I can have my people at my house for trivia.

We passed on the July 4th trivia at the casino because a party had been planned at the McQuillens but as it turned out a surprise visit to ER for Dugan changed the location to Pete and Jerilynns. Jason said so when one of you is sick you just change the location? Yes, I guess that is true. I have not received word just yet on how Dugan is doing. No news is good news I guess.

I finished weeding around the house/garage. It only took me about 45 minutes. It is funny how your head can make a big thing of things when in actuality it may not be big at all. Next stop: working on the compost pile. Wonder if Jason will help me with that...Hmmm.

Till next time!

So is full-time RVing for you?

Humorous but accurate!

Butch would fail the arachnophobia one.

Wednesday, July 3

It isn't a wrap

I thought I was all caught up on my computer chores and then I remembered I hadn't posted. So where do I begin?
Butch and I are blessed with another Great grand. Born on the first of July in Moultrie Georgia and her name is Khloe. She is struggling with some health issues so she has a frequent flier card in our thoughts.

Butch is on his way back from Missouri and he was part of an accident on I-435 in KC. He said he saw it coming because a guy was traveling way too fast and "distracted". Butch did his best to get out of the way by pulling over two lanes but got entangled as the guy noticed at the last minute and swerved grazing our car. I haven't seen it yet. I am glad he isn't injured as cars can be fixed a lot easier than people. Butch is home now.

Rain, Rain Go away. And don't come back for quite a few days.

Tuesday, July 2

Citizen bikes

My citizen bike that I left in Texas has been a topic of discussion lately.  It is small. The step-through is great because you do not have to raise your leg to the heavens to get onto it. It is very adjustable to fit anyone. Mine is a one-speed. It has hand and foot brakes.  It is fairly flat in South Texas and that is one of the reasons I ordered it. I do wish we had brought it back because it would have been easily adjustable for the great-grands to use. It folds up into a compact package making it very portable. That was the original impetus for buying it. It turned out to be the perfect bike for me in the RV park.
Mine is red!

MILAN Citizen Bike 20" 1-speed Folding Bike with Step-thru Frame

Photo entries

I entered 3 of my photos in a contest. The local Telephone company has a contest each year for the cover photo of the directory. I have entered before but never won...yet. These are my entries this year.
All three were taken in Greene County Iowa within the past 3 years.

    Sunday, June 30


    Doves are usually ground feeders but this one took a turn on the hanging feeder.

    Such a busy woman I am!

    I am very busy enjoying every minute of having my life back and being extremely grateful for every second of it. I have all these projects lined up and I am ticking them off one by one. Some have been on a 'want to do ' list for literally years.
    Butch is in Missouri doing work for granddaughter Amanda and her husband Brad. That was on the agenda last Spring on our way north but it didn't work out for many reasons. When he is finished we will be able to overnight there with the moho on our trip north and south. I opted to stay in Iowa. My projects, remember? Also, I will be doing trivia at the Elks on Wednesday night and we didn't want Butch under any pressure to hurry his job.

    Butch dropped me off at the hairdressers for a haircut before he left to go south and after getting my haircut I walked to Mickey's. I knew she was having a garage sale and it had been a long time since we had touched base. I said I haven't seen you for a week and she said actually it has been two!! We always have a bunch of stuff to catch up on. Jerilynn gave me a ride home and I was grateful. We are having a heat wave.

    Jason and Laura were here yesterday and after they played 9 holes of golf. Yes, Laura played too! They took me to 209 Main in Paton for supper. On the way back we stopped and visited with Leo and Keri. Always a fun time with the kids even though they are not really kids anymore.


    This project has been waiting for a year. These windows are on the south. Usually, I am anti-curtain but when the temps are in the upper 90's it is time to keep some of that sunshine at bay. So I bought some really cheap sheets at Walmart and altered them to fit and placed them on tension rods on the south-facing windows. Yes, they are a boring white but I figured I might give them some "Colleen" treatment at a future date. 

    Mickey has been hosting some acrylic pour painting sessions in her basement and it is a fun time letting the creative juices flow. This is the latest one I have done.
     A closer look

    Future projects:
    This one will be a Mandala. Definition: A mandala is a symbolic picture of the universe. It can be a painting on a wall or scroll or visualization in the mind of an artist. Here is a pic of one of someone who knows what they are doing. Mine will not look like this. 
    Pretty Rainbow Mandala Flower Vinyl Decal Sticker (12" Wide)

    Here is my blank waiting for me to be inspired.

    Another project awaiting me is updating this table that has been here a few years after being found on an auction for $3.