Saturday, May 9

What's up with us?

After starting on the patio, I soon decided I did not know what I was doing and my body was protesting my efforts with a hurting hip and wrists that were unhappy. After 3 past back surgeries, Butch certainly didn't need to bail me out. Besides he didn't know any more about it than I did. So we decided our money was better used to save our health and we are hiring it done. Hopefully, it will be worked on this next week. This will be the last of our larger projects. I still have 6 on the todo list and they are all within our abilities.

I have contacted the library and will resume computer lessons probably in a couple of weeks on Monday nights from 6 to 8. This will be a 6-week session and I will be paid! I sent information to the librarian and she will be doing the advertising on it and make up the flyers. I sent her info on what can be expected from the class and that might help with structure. All my people from last season want to come back again so I might be doing something right.

We worked on getting garage items that were stored but not serving a frequent function into the storage shed. Still have some work to do, but that project is coming along nicely.

Butch and I are taking a break today and going to an auction. We both enjoy them, even though our willpower gets tested. We always have the safety of Magnolia parks monthly garage sales in South Texas if we fail.

List of Windows 7 Shortcuts

How to Quickly Find a List of Windows 7 Shortcuts

How many of you knew that you have a list of Windows 7 shortcuts available to you with just a couple of clicks? Nope. They’re not on a Web site. Nope. We’re not talking about something you download. These are right there on your Windows 7 computer and they’ve been there all the time.
Want to know how to find them?
  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Click “Help and Support”
  3. In the Help search bar, type shortcuts
  4. A list of shortcuts will be displayed by category
  5. Click any category to get a list of shortcuts
Here’s a screen shot for you:
Cloudeight InfoAve

Thursday, May 7

Roadrunner RV Park,Oklahoma City

This park is located very near Interstates 35 and 44. Many of us Snowbirds go through this area every Spring and Fall. This is a tornado-prone area. One suggestion from a Facebook RV Tips section is to get in your truck/car and fasten your seat belt if you find that you are out of time to get somewhere safe.
That would be a very bumpy ride but then the Oklahoma roads are similar.

All American Must try foods from the 50 states

Of course, Iowa has the pork tenderloin and I found it interesting to see what I am missing from other states. What does your state feature?

Tuesday, May 5

Jason's artistic eye

These are art pieces that son Jason has made. I like ALL of them! I told him Mother's day is right around the corner!

These photos Jason took while visiting Pella's Tulip Festival. Do you think he may have an artistic eye?