Saturday, July 20

Yesterday- Photo Op Day

And all I had was my phone camera so these are not the best shots.Pickers have more stuff! Really neat stuff. I hear they are looking for someone to manage their Picker store while they go do more picking. Anyone interested?

 And we also saw some fellows doing tower work. Interesting to watch.
 See the tiny little specs climbing on the tower?
 And this one is a cloud picture. The buildings are the Greene County Fairgrounds.

Friday, July 19

Hamilton's Party at the Condo on the lake

Don't they look like they are having a great time? They are!!
Mary Figenshaw, Joan Conroy, Carol Zwicky, and Pat Rusnak

Denise Van, Jim and Elizabeth Hanson's daughter, Anita Van Horn, Alice Hamilton and Butch

Jim Hanson (seated) Jayne Tome, Jack Lewis, Dwight Tome and Bill Figenshaw.

Judy Wills and my buddy Colleen

Captain John Hamilton, Todd Van Horn, Ed Lawson, Pat Rusnak and Bill F.

Our Former residence on Lake Panorama. 
619 Lake Panorama Drive or at least it used to be unless they changed the street addresses and they may have done so because of the 911 changes.

Butch enjoying the boat ride

A deer spotted us

View from south window of the condo

Joan, Anita and Jim Hanson

Jayne, Dwight and Todd Van Horn

Keith Conroy(back), Denise and Bill F.

Alice H. and Ed L.

Heirloom Seeds!

What a great site and I know many of you who would be interested in this idea.

Thursday, July 18

Our Garage-A Work in Progress

Our Jefferson Pickers

A couple moved here from out west somewhere and they are "Pickers". They go around the the country side looking for rusty treasures. All people of this sort have vivid imaginations on the many possibilities to be done with their picks. I love em! Our local pickers have purchased a store right next to the Depot on the bike trail and yesterday I noticed they had "picked" an old  carnival. I didn't have my camera and when I returned this morning most of it was gone but I did get a few photos of things outside their store.

A Stranger Among Us

Tuesday, July 16


What is going on at our house? Well as you can see I am being entertained by the great grands antics on facebook for one thing. Butch is working on making order in the garage. The garage was where everything landed that we did not know what to do with. So now the time has come to create order out of chaos and it is coming along although the garage is one place that never seems to stay orderly for very long. When it looks picture ready I will take one but we will have to catch it quick.
I am currently in a place where I am studying decor and placement etc. to see where I might wish to add this or  that. I do not want to rush this phase because I will be living with the result for decades to come perhaps.

We have a busy week coming up with Missouri kids coming this next weekend and preceding that we have an invitation to Lake Panorama, Cleavelands are stopping by for a visit and I am getting the carpet cleaned in the motorhome.

We have a new playground in our neighborhood and that news will please Miss Elise. She likes playgrounds and this new one looks like a real humdinger and only a block from us.

I did laundry today and cleaned house. It seemed effortless. I have put so much thought and planning into this place to make it easy to care for and I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! It seemed the right time to clean but really the truth be known it was not very dirty or at least it did not seem very dirty.

Bits and pieces: The printer is hooked up wireless and its new home is in the closet. It gets the message to print-I hit print and then walk in there to get the printed page. I am liking this. It will not move this fall. I am taking no chances with it. I have a friend in the park who pays me for Internet and this year I think we will strike a deal with her doing my printing for me and me providing Internet for her.
The smart TV is smart indeed. It is functional and also on our newest Internet network. I have hooked up to Amazon and Netflix. It is such a good feeling when all these things work as they should.

Mani Pedi's for the wee ones.

Miss P and Miss Elise getting their nails and toes done for P's birthday!!!
They are going to do what?? Miss P looks frightened and Elise looks shocked!

Hanging out with Curious George