Saturday, August 15

Tomatoes and Cukes

Rainy Day in Iowa. Mickey gave me some tomatoes and cucumbers yesterday and then we came home and found some tomatoes on our step from an anonymous donor. So this morning I thoroughly enjoyed a BLT for breakfast and then for lunch I had a tortilla wrap with ham, cucumbers and tomatoes. Plans for supper include diced tomatoes,cucumbers and cottage cheese and a grilled Iowa Chop if it isn't raining!
If you happen to be in a hot weather area a refreshing drink is ice water with cucumber slices. I enjoyed this at a spa in Glenwood Springs CO a year ago. You will want it in a clear glass to get the full cool experience!

Friday, August 14

Car deal

The car got finalized today. Had trouble finding one. We ended up with a Hyundai Sante Fe-beige in color. The Saturn was used as a trade-in. We cannot get it until Monday or Tuesday because it is currently in Olathe KS. I will have the challenge of learning to use a manual shift again. It has been many, many years since we had the VW. I am hoping it comes back to me easily and quickly.
Settling into life in Iowa is easy as we had mucho years of practice before leaving! We loved the idea of finding a spot to buy in little Cooper Iowa but Cooper doesn't have very good or abundant water so that isn't an easy prospect. We have only begun to look however. Our list of wants are:
1. Good and abundant water supply
2. On or near the bike trail. Within 1 mile
3. Preferably rural so that it would not matter if we didn't mow the yard for 2 months.
I did find a spot at the very end of the bike trail that is intriguing but that would be in the town of Jefferson. I have the name of this spot if we ever find it. Summerset...think about it!

I have been out on the bike trail two times so far and it is the same trail I know and love. The section from Winkelman's switch to the Raccoon River bridge is a 1 1/2 mile downhill float. I really love that stretch.
Today I visited with my lifelong friend Mickey while Butch did his car dealing. That is FAR more fun than car dealing.

Thursday, August 13

He did it.

Butch bought a car- Hyundai Santa Fe- manual transmission. That will be a new experience for me. I used to drive a VW years ago so it isn't like I have never driven one but it has been a good many years. The car happens to be in Kansas so we do not have it yet. Maybe Friday, they said.
We did take a short ride on the Bike Trail yesterday. Rode to Winklemans Switch and back, including the trip to where our home is parked it would be about a 7 mile trip. It felt good to be out there again.

My friend Mickey is in Minnesota with her daughter who had surgery; at least I think she is. May give her a call here in a minute or so to see if she is back in Clive.

Received an email from Marilynn at Snow Mountain Ranch. It seems they are getting along without us!. I knew the new people would be good at it and they are. Graeme celebrated his 11th birthday. She sent pictures so I will get them on the SMR blog.

I have an appointment for a haircut today. It has been about 10 weeks since I have had a professional haircut. Butch does a decent job in a pinch.

Cleaned house yesterday and worked on Ann's wedding afghan. It is getting near the completion end of things.
Oh Yes, Butch golfed yesterday. Anybody surprised?

Tuesday, August 11

Ain't it Funny...

...How Time Slips Away.
We have been in Jefferson a week and today. We promised to help Leo clean his large building in preparation for the Brooker Family Reunion so that was the first order of business. And as those things usually go it took the better part of the week.
The family reunion was a big hit and lots of fun. Three fun filled days!
Yesterday was catch up day.(Laundry) And today is also catch up day. (Pictures, Webshots,Blog and computer) It is amazing how quickly it can all get away from you.

Butch is pictured here looking over the display of old photos.

Mexican Train played by family members. JoAnn J., Nancy B.,Nancy C.,Dick J.and Gary C.

Butch is off to the city of Des Moines today to buy a car. He must be serious as he even took a blank check with him. Car buying is way low on my list of fun things to do so I am staying here in the mobile home park on the north side of Jefferson Iowa.
I still haven't ventured to the bike trail but it is about next on my list.

I am not feeling settled in yet. It seems to take longer some places more than others. Maybe once I get all my loose ends tied together...

Here is a link to the Webshots Brooker Family Reunion Album.
Anyone wanting prints of these photos or any other photos can get them directly from Webshots. It is easy to do and the quality is good. Also inexpensive. I recently ordered pictures from them. I ordered 17 pictures including 3 or 4 5x7's and it was less than $10 with S & H.