Saturday, September 1

My House

RVers will relate to this catchy tune.


Reading today's issue of the RV Travel newsletter and came across this quote. It was at the bottom of an article written by a woman who is writing about her journey with terminal cancer. Seemed appropriate for many situations.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”
- Soren Kierkegaard

Thursday, August 30


The light was just right when I ended my walk with Virginia one day last week so I took these two pictures of the tank at the end of the bike trail. I was reminded of a day last winter in Magnolia park when my friend Kay S. was looking for a picture of a tank to print out for Larry E. Larry needed it for a project

This is an old picture I saw on Facebook. The young girl in the middle is a picture of Marlene and Bernards Granddaughter-in-law Marie Kelley long before she was a Kelley. I assume the ones on either side of Marie are siblings. This one really tickled my funny bone and that is why I snipped it

And this was in my collection of cartoons I get each morning and it will not need any 'splaining to my women friends.

Last week we had a trivia question about Schrodinger's cat. I would not have known anything about it if I were not a fan of Big Bang Theory. This was on a T-shirt I could have bought but didn't.
End of Mish-Mash,

Wednesday, August 29


School starts and a day or two in the seventies and the mind starts moving on down the line. It has taken all summer but finally, I have done some things that have been on my todo list all summer. It was either too hot or too wet or too something. A cooler day now and then has boosted the incentive to get a move on. Also, the Spring and Summer were overloaded with trips to Ames for spot checks, biopsies, surgeries to remove the nasty little cancer spots, or follow-ups after the procedures. Now that we have caught up I am hoping next Spring will be a one-stop one step thing and we can do what we please with our summer without interruption.   We are both using hats and applying sunscreen much more faithfully than ever before. My last biopsy was a week ago and no phone call for a return visit which is a good thing.

Butch has had an early case of hitch itch but all I have to do is remind him that many days are still triple digits in the deep south and that chills him out a bit. He has been tinkering around on the Motorhome taking care of details, little repairs that do not amount to much as far as time. That is a very good thing! We like having our winter home in tip-top shape.

Monday, August 27

Beckett goes to Pre-school

Take my word for it the next 20+ years of this boys formal education will be quite the ride for all concerned.

Sunday, August 26

Sunday Morning Biking the Trail

Jason, Keri and I rode the trail this morning. It was more than bit humid. Jason and Keri were ahead of me at one point so I suggested to Jason that he start looking for Hops and slow down a bit to do so. Early in the season, Jason had asked me to look for Hops on the trail and I was unable to find them. This morning we found them EVERYWHERE however they do not bloom until late August. Hops are used in the making of beer. So if you plan to find them on the trail it is so much easier when they are blooming.
Here are pictures taken this morning:
Hops are vining up this tree.
 Keri and Jason

Closeup of Hops

And these are plums- also plentiful along the trail. Jason mentioned how many people whiz on by the trail and never see any of these things.
I told Butch and Jason they better not dilly-dally if they wanted to play golf because it was supposed to start raining around 11:00AM. It is currently a little after 10 and it is thundering. Mama knows best!!

Reposting of New School Year 2018

New School Year

These are the new start of school year pictures of the kids we know. Will add more as they come my way. Do not be afraid to nudge me if I miss one. My school days were a very long time ago unless you count the school of life. On that one, we are always learning.

Granddaughter Ann and Anthony's 3 girls: Nina Grace

Nicoles son -Ethan, The oldest joy of Jason and Laura's grandparenting days. We have all learned a lot from this boy already.

Granddaughter Amanda and Brad's two- Elise the future actress
 And her super hero brother Leo!

And now we are adding Leo and Keri's oldest grandchild Brady, son of Greg and Erin
And we simply must add Beckett as he is the spitting image of his grandfather Leo. And that new haircut accentuates that even more! Beckett just turned 3.

Devon!!! Devon is my nephew and he is a freshman this year and starting on a whole new adventure of learning and he is excited about it.

Emily and Joe's pair of preciousness! Happy 1st day of school for Jorgen!
(Clara was more eager for the photo op than Jorgen 💙💜)