Friday, December 13

Let out of WEATHER JAIL!!

We have all been let out of weather jail today with temps in the mid 70's. There is more cold stuff on the way but at least they are not predicting a 7-10 day stretch of it. It will be more like normal with a day of cool weather and then a return to normal. We are all ready for normal.
I close all in with cold weather,both physically and mentally. It is no wonder I gained 10 pounds every winter when we lived year round in the north land. Not to mention when you are all covered up in winter gear it is easy to lose track of how you really look. Winter clothes hides bulges,bubbles and blobs quite well and then when we shed those many layers it is easy to find a hidden  chubby wonder you knew nothing about . Oh if only we could all look like we think we look! What a looker I would be. I am truly shocked whenever I look in the mirror and see that old woman looking back at me when there clearly should be something quite slim and truly gorgeous. Oh well, she is pleasant enough to live with even with the distorted mirror. Smileycons!

Browsing for things I have saved and then forgotten...

Wednesday, December 11

Still Cold...

It is still cold by South Texas standards and really, it isn't too bad, but for us it is disruptive.  The shades are pulled. We are all closed up. It is cloudy, drizzly and the high temp is hovering around 50 degrees. More of the same predicted for tomorrow. We are getting our walks in each day...mostly.
I generally do not write much when I am bummed out by...something...or someone...
There are bright spots now and then. They are eluding me at the minute. I am sunshine deprived and I am thinking that may be the only thing that will fix me.

Not today, not tomorrow either....maybe the day after tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 10

Seasonal Sorrow

We have never experienced a season in Sunny South Texas such as this one. We have had two Blue Northers that have stuck around way too long and they tell us more is on the way. There is not a sunny face on the weather report for the next 10 days. Boo!! Hiss!!
Thank goodness we have plenty of indoor activities to keep us all busy and so far we are not in danger of slipping on the ice.
I had a good time in the pool hall getting a bit of instruction from Char on the game yesterday morning. Butch may play golf today but he is beyond crazy if he does as the current outdoor temp is 42 at 9:10 AM. Brrr!
We are troopers, aren't we? She says with tongue in cheek.

Big Leo, Keri and grandson Brady

Snipped from Facebook ...looks like fun at the Brooker house!

Sunday, December 8


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Smileycons!Thank You!!