Friday, July 6

Grand Lake Area

Mountain Wildflowers. The flowers are so amazing at this altitude. They are large, lush and abundant.
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Odds and Ends

Butch and Lum make flags for July 4th
Looks good to me!
On the road to Granby
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Thursday, July 5

Yeah, You are cute!

My sis, Myrla sent me this cute pic of her dog Hewy and cat Tippy.
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Chair Dollies

Kay Voss, a friend from Magnolia Park, made these chair dollies and
I have been meaning to post these pictures for a very long time. They are sooo cute!!
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Body Atlas

Body Atlas

Monday, July 2

SMR Senior Volunteers

Jerry and Diane Larson from Kansas hosted a BBQ for the senior volunteers.
We were all ready for some un-common food!

Lum gets a call

Brian and Blueberry-Brian related a story about Blueberry last July 4th.
They were attending a rodeo in Granby and Brian was occupied with the
horses and stagecoach when the fireworks started. Blueberry hates fireworks.
It wasn't long when Brians phone rang and it was from The City Market (local grocery store)
and they told him his dog was in the breakfast food aisle. Blueberry was looking for refuge
from the bombs bursting in air!