Friday, March 8

Snow pics of our place on March 5th

Keri sent me snow pictures of our place in Jefferson and it looks like it could be a long time before the grass needs to be mowed! It has actually changed our way of thinking. We are paid here until April 21st and add to that the fact that Butch gets rather heated about being on the road during the Masters' tournament. April 13/14th We go through this every year. In addition, the two best months of the year in South Texas are October and April so not a bad place to be.
These photos were taken March 5th if memory serves me. A whole lot of melting has to take place before we can get parked in our designated RV site.
The evergreens are hiding our entry to our house.

It does not look like our neighbors to the south have removed any snow.

Keri is parked in our driveway for this one. It did not look like it was easy getting into the driveway.

Our front door.

Neighbors to the north have also not removed snow.

Back of south neighbors house.

Subway at the intersection of Highway 4 and Lincolnway

Tuesday, March 5

This and that

My heart doctor is playing hard to get. I called after getting the good news of ZERO on my test hoping to get a verbal okay on the phone but he is insisting I see him in person. My appointment is on March 25th and I tried to get it moved up without success. Our rent here is paid till April 21st and we had planned to leave a few days prior to that but it could be we won't be able to and still get everything done. Still riding the wave of it will be what it will be and hope for the very best outcome.

These winter days (Monday and Tuesday) stuck in the middle of our beautiful Spring are the pits. It has been a very strange Winter but they all are anymore. I remember when we came down and brought only one pair of jeans because we knew we wouldn't need them for more than a day or two. Lately, the summer clothes are the ones that do not get much wear and that has been true for the past 5 years or thereabouts. I write this with the furnace running and wearing a hooded sweatshirt indoors no less! Yesterdays low was 37 and this morning it was 40. Mid 80's predicted for the weekend. Try and stay acclimated to those numbers!

Tomorrow is my birthday and Butch is telling everyone he is taking me to Denny's for breakfast. I get a free Grand Slam because it is my birthday. And he is taking me out to eat for supper too because of the pool hall participants banquet. And on our 60th anniversary, he is taking me on a cruise...up the Mississippi! We laugh about all this as I am perfectly happy with it. Would not want anyone getting the wrong idea.

Ropa Style Show at Magnolia

I was not a participant this year and I greatly enjoyed looking at all the pictures of the models and entertainment. It looks like one of the best shows ever!
If you would like to see it too you can find it at

Monday, March 4

Make Sure It’s Broke

Make Sure It’s Broke Before You Spend Time Fixing It

Here’s are two quick and easy tips that we’ll bet you will use, “…maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. And for the rest of your life…”

Anyone who uses a computer knows they will have problems from time to time. It’s expected. It’s the nature of the beast. We’re here to remind you that if your computer starts having problems, the first thing you should do is make sure there’s something really wrong with it before you shove off on a time-consuming quest to fix it.

Here are two things you should always try as soon as you notice something’s not right with your computer:

1. Restart your computer.
As silly and simple as that sounds, restarting your computer can correct a lot of minor temporary errors and put your computer back on track. It won’t work every time, but it’s the first thing you should try if something isn’t right with your computer.

And… if restarting it does not work, we have one more simple thing you should do before you go off searching for help and fixes.

2. Shut down your computer completely.
Make sure all power is off and all power lights are off. Wait five minutes and then turn your computer back on.

You’ll find the second method successful many times if simply restarting your computer doesn’t work.

Now, we’re not here to convince you that these two simple tricks will fix all your problems and assuage all your computer woes – they won’t. But many times restarting your computer or shutting your computer down and waiting for a few minutes before restarting, can correct many minor, yet annoying errors. And since it does not take much time or effort to try one or both of these tips, there’s no reason not to give them a try. We’ve seen restarting and shutting down the computer and waiting a few minutes before powering it back on, work many times on our own computers and on other folks’ PCs as well.

And this trick also extends to other electronic devices – tablets, smartphones, streaming devices, etc. Sometimes the best fix is the simplest – just restart the device. It works more often than you think.