Saturday, March 7

Friday, March 6

March Birthday Party

The birthday celebrants are Dale Cooklin March 1, Bill Stilson March 3rd and Barb Brooker March 6th.

The women at one end and the men at the other...some things never change.

Berwyn isn't shy about wearing his wifes hat!

What does it say on that bottle? Monkey what?

Wednesday, March 4

Growing like a weed!!

These babies grow so fast!!! This is good friend Connie Jones grandson Hayden.

"Hey World, I am looking you over!!"

Butch has/had a cold

Butch has/had a cold. You do not see this guy slowed down by much but he said this one was a BAD one. He could not get the faucet shut off. Finally resorted to Nyquil which the doctors tell us no one should ever use. So then he was able to sleep and get the faucet turned off. He missed golf yesterday if that gives you an indication of how bad he felt.
Allergies are bad down here. The humidity is high and the tree pollen is high, making for a bad situation. In northern climes the cold kills off all kinds of tiny bad boys but down here they thrive.
Next season I plan to start the allergy meds when we first arrive. Maybe I can ward it off. AaaaaaCHOO!!!!

Sunday, March 1

Jared Hall and the Governor of Iowa

Jared is the son of my good friend Sherri. Be sure to check out Jared's website below. I love listening to Jared's music while checking out his website.

This is from Jared:
I played at the Heart Ball for the American Heart association last
night and the Guv and his wife danced to our last song "Piano Man"
-he liked the accordion!