Friday, February 12

How Butch did

Butch played golf in the Valley Senior Olympics yesterday and the weather was crappy but not as bad as it could have been. It was the 50's...and damp. But the wind was moderate and it didn't rain. They shot a 74-one stroke more than last year but the playing conditions were very different. We do not know how the rest of the field played but Butch did know of a couple of 70's so they know for sure they were not in the top 3. It would be really something if they were as there are many good golfers over 55 in the valley every winter.

Thursday, February 11

Golf anyone?

Butch is playing in the valley senior Olympics with Bob Milheim and today is the day. He has been worrying about this for weeks now. Today dawns cold and rainy. I did check the weather radar and the rain should be moving out soon but still it will not be good golfing conditions. I personally think they would be better off if it were postponed but I have seen some pretty crappy weather on this day through the years and never have they postponed. (Jason says Dad is in the special Olympics and indeed they are special!)
My computer is up and running nicely. I have Windows 7 on this one and so far I like it. There are a few things it has taken me a bit to figure out but it wasn't difficult. I had to figure out what libraries were and it is contacts instead of address book. It seems they decided to rename everything. To me that is suddenly like calling a bathtub a table but I am sure I will get used to it. My main problem has been the aforementioned address book. I had a database of all the Magnolia Park residents and for some reason I am unable to open it. So I have decided this problem will not happen to me again and it is taking me a loooong time to get them in a safe place and in a format that will not be vulnerable. I am up to the esses. (as in the letter S).

Tuesday, February 9

Jason & Laura Brooker- Boone Iowa

From the record snowfall of winter 09/10

And it just keeps snowing!!! 7 more inches on top of what had accumulated all winter.