Thursday, January 13

Last post till the 23rd of January. Mark your calendars!



The BBC has put together a site to introduce visitors to different
languages. French, German, Spanish, Italian and other languages,
including Greek and Portuguese, European and United Kingdom languages,
Chinese and Japanese are all featured. You'll find resources for
learning these languages as well as 'News Services' presented in 43
different languages. 'Your Say' has entertaining as well as educational
articles posted, from Word Oddities to Blunders; submitting your own is
always fun as is browsing through other visitors' submissions (do you
know that when Bretons 'bones are cooking,' they're merely tired, not
roasting their skeleton?). If you're 'Changing Places' or interested in
language as the 'main concept in culture,' this site will give you
valuable insight and resources for further study. Here's the perfect
opportunity to expand your horizon in the language area!

Wednesday, January 12

On Friday, January 14th we will be headed to Corpus Christi / Houston TX with Dave and Marge Scott to board the ship for our Texaribbean Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines. The name of our ship is Norwegian Sea. We will be out of the country and out of touch till January 23rd. They gave us an email address and phone cards to give to friends and family but calls are $7.95 a minute so I am not encouraging anyone to call us! There will be no blogs for that time on or on Unless any of you care to leave comments. You can do that, you know, although no one ever has! See Ya'all next week.

Tuesday, January 11

Bill & Bernard On Padre Island
Marlene is beach strolling
From the left-Jo, Maggie and Bill Brooker-Bernard and Marlene Kelley- Butch Brooker
It is hard to look at the ocean in the same way as before...
The Causeway to Padre Island
I am usually the one taking the pictures and that is the way I like it but it is nice to have a photo of us now and then. I can thank friends Harold and Elaine Lindeman for this one.
I know this is a strange picture but think about it...It is January 11th...we are on Padre Island and it is warm enough to go wading in the ocean. Now isn't that a great picture?!!
For the pet owners- Fleas & Parsley

About fleas - - I have two cats (they come and go as they please) and I
haven't seen any fleas for years. A few years ago I was giving my cat
some parsley water to help cleanse his system. Since he suffered
frequently from urinary tract infection, I continued a small dose of
about 1 teas. a day in his food. I have been doing this for about 5
years now and my cats have never had UTI or fleas since. Strange but

Just take a bunch of parsley, boil in 2 qts. of water about 10 - 15
minutes. Toss the parsley and save the water. I keep a small amount in
the refrigerator and freeze the rest.

--submitted by Marilyn

Monday, January 10

Smile! I had a full and productive day. Butch went golfing...he didn't have a good day but that is another story. I played shuffleboard and my partner and I won. The first time I have won in quite awhile...then I joined the Warblers...a singing group. Butch thinks its funny but doesn't everybody THINK they can sing? Well, so do I! Then this afternoon I went to the craft class and started Swedish Weaving on an afghan. I am really excited about this project. As soon as I get one section done I will take a picture and show you what I mean. It is addictive and I will hate to leave it home when we go on the cruise...but I will. Till next time...

Sunday, January 9

This Blog is hosted by favorite search engine. TRIVIA
In 1938, nine-year-old Milton Sirotta asked his uncle,
a mathematician, what the number one followed by
100 zeros was called. His uncle said there was no
such word. So young Sirotta made up the term googol,
and it was subsequently adopted by the mathematical
community. In 1995, two Stanford University
students developed a new search engine, aiming for
millions of hits. The name they chose: "Google," a play
on the word "googol." We wonder what it would be called
if a nine-year-old named Milton hadn't been so curious.