Wednesday, May 3

Goatsbeard with Ladybug...The following pictures were all taken on my walk yesterday.
Mountain Laurel
Cows cooling their heels
Crown Vetch
These three women each drive their own motorhome and have traveled together full time for the past seven years. Starting from the left their names are Lee, Flip and Phyllis. They are in Carthage for a time because Lee's daughter bought a place near here and they came to help her get it livable. They have not planned their next move but I am sure this adventurous threesome will come up with something new and exciting.

Sunday, April 30

I am easily entertained...this program I use to post pictures on the blog also lets me send a picture of my computer screen so I am showing you my current computer wallpaper.
I have an appreciation for beautiful trees.
A gaggle of geese with goslings...say that three times fast!
A new friend I met on my walk today. I assume it is a green snake? Sure was a vivid green!
This has been our view a good deal of the time last few days.
Good friend Shirley Franey took this picture of Butch and I last winter