Saturday, October 11

Farewell gathering

We had a gathering of Jefferson friends for a party in our new room last night. It was fun with much lively conversation about many things present and past. Some of this group will be heading south soon so we took this opportunity to say goodbye to those who remain and thank them for keeping things running smoothly while we are gone. wink, wink.
I had my camera ready to get some photos but as often happens I became enchanted by talk and totally forgot to take any shots of people having fun.

I will get another chance today as 209 Main is the location for a J.I.G.s gathering, the last I will be going to this season.

Casino walls are rising

Jefferson has 3 major construction projects going on, the medical center, Hy-vee and the casino. And there is about to be a 4th with McFarland Clinic being built on the east side of the Hy-Vee building. Soon the senior citizens of Jefferson can have a doctors appointment, physical therapy, pick up their prescriptions and buy their groceries in the same location and it is within one block of downtown Jefferson.
Photographer was Leo Brooker 

Wednesday, October 8

Blood Moon Experience

I woke up at 4:30 am and checked out the moon and it was starting to eclipse so I popped outside for a better view forgetting that the door can be opened from the inside but remain locked when it is closed. Fortunately I was able to tap on the window and get Butch's attention. He rescued me. We both dressed for the viewing in winter coats and hats and watched the moon become a blood moon from our backyard where we had a perfect view of it. I tried to get good photos but it did not happen so I said surely my cousin Howard who is an excellent photographer will put some great pictures on Facebook as he usually does and then I will "snip" them. So far he hasn't but this lady in Port Aransas Texas did so I "snipped" her pictures. Our moon had the sliver of light more evenly on the right side. That too was interesting.

And then...we went back to bed and slept for a couple more hours.

Tuesday, October 7


Ordinary Days

Colleen and I changed our walk time to 1:00 PM. I have not made the mental adjustment yet. It just feels oddly strange to be walking at midday. I will adjust.
 I am doing in-between stuff. Been working on jewelry again. Getting our head geared towards a trip south. It is October after all and that is what we do in October. First thing you know we will be hauling our essentials out to the motorhome. Makes me tired just to think about it.

The light is very different at our new walk time and I took advantage of that to take these pics.
 These artistic renditions were made by another talented member of the class of '61, Keith Conroy. And you thought I was finished with telling you about the talents of the Jefferson Iowa class of '61. I thought I was too.

Sunday, October 5

Missouri weekend

We do not see our Missouri kids all that often. We usually manage a weekend with them when we head south in the fall and again when we head back in the Spring. This Fall we decided to drive the car instead of the motorhome to Peculiar for a visit with our Missouri family.

I have taken many pictures and when I get it figured out how to get them on here using my chromebook you will see them or you will have to wait till I get back to my reliable Toshiba and the way I can do it without thinking. I did not bring my camera, thinking the phone camera would be easier. Easier it is but I have discovered two things; I get better pictures with my camera and it is easier to transfer pictures to the chromebook from the camera. Now I need to remember it.

The great grands are always a pleasure and it is so much fun watching their progress as little humans. Little Miss Elise comes up with the darndest things. Such as, she says to her Nana Susan, "I want to live with you because you love me and you will always be kind." Truly this is the kind of stuff this girl comes up with! And little Leo is a wonder too at the things he does at 17 months of age. He was riding a pony for the first time and his mom said," Tell Kelsey thank you." Kelsey was the girl who was walking the pony. Little Leo leaned over, patted the pony and said, "Thank you."

So these are photos out of order...
Sunday Morning Breakfast
This is a waffle with Strawberries Romanoff

(Makes 4 small servings, recipe inspired by Strawberries Romanoff at Le Parisien Restaurant.)
1 pound fresh strawberries
1/2 cup sour cream (I use light sour cream, but never fat free)
1 T Stevia In the Raw Granulated Sweetener
1 T brown sugar
(You can use all Stevia or all brown sugar, or any combination of sugar/ sweetener that you prefer.)
Be sure to buy the reddest and ripest strawberries you can find for best flavor. Rinse strawberries, then cut big ones into fourths and smaller ones into halves. Put cut strawberries into a medium-sized bowl
In a small bowl, whisk together the sour cream and sweetener, brown sugar, or a combination of the two. Taste for sweetness to see if you want to add more sweetener. Gently combine sour cream mixture with cut strawberries, divide into four small dishes, and serve.

 Elise and morning cartoons
 Papa Gary with Little Leo
                                               Another vacuum boy!
                                            Nana Susan with Leo
                                             Elise is a rider too
                                          Elise with the queen of the Burnt District Festival in Harrisonville MO
                                            Elise and Leo driving the firetruck. Little Leo took this very seriously never taking his hands off the steering wheel. Should be a good driver except for the no fear factor. They both have that.

                                                These two are buddies.
Leo beat Elise to the engine but she gave in gracefully. Always does when it comes to her little brother.            

Elise on the Dragon Wagon all by herself. Fearless.

Elise on the swing all by herself, laughing and giggling the whole time. She thanked the carnival worker when he helped her off the swing and he said, "You are welcome, Princess." She said, "I am a princess." This gave him a chuckle.
There was one ride that Elise did twice with her Nana Susan and that was the Tilt-o-Whirl. She loves carnival rides!!

Mom Amanda getting the kiddoes  ready for the ride to the festival.

Coach Brooker at the football game in Drexel, far right on the sideline. I took this shot just to prove I was there.
I finally figured out the photo problem. 
When making a blog entry, click on the photo entry as usual but then click on 'more' and choose 'from phone'.