Saturday, August 6

Recipe: RV Bread Pudding Breakfast        8/6/2011
The toast can be stale, so make it at home if you like. Don’t butter it. It will keep in a
cool, dry place for up to a week.
10 pieces dry toast
Butter or margarine
2 bananas, sliced
8-ounce milk chocolate bar, broken up
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Butter the toast, cut it into 5 “fingers” then cut each finger into 5 pieces. Put in a
casserole for oven baking or a heavy pan (preferably cast aluminum) for stovetop
baking. Scatter the chocolate pieces and banana slices over the bread. Whisk
together the sugar, eggs, milk and vanilla and pour carefully over the bread. Let
stand about 15 minutes until the mixture soaks in. Bake at 350 degrees or until the
custard tests done. Mixture will be puffy and golden on top. For stovetop baking,
cover and place over a very low flame. Test after 20 minutes, then continue
cooking if necessary until the custard is “set”. Variation: substitute a well-drained
can of sliced peaches for the bananas.

Did you think I forgot you? No, just not much happening here that is out of the ordinary. Butch helped someone with electrical work yesterday. He is needing some help with a wall in the house. I told him I would help but he has no faith in my physical strength. I certainly have no idea where he got that notion!
Last night Leo brought his edger and worked on our sidewalks. Will take pictures and post later.

Thursday, August 4

Most Recent Bracelets

These are my latest bracelet creations. In addition to these I have made 3 wavy flag ones. All of these are wider than the ones I have made in the past, therefore they take longer but I think the quality of my peyote bracelets has stepped up a notch. All of my bracelets are injected with 'Indian Spirit'. Somewhere within the bracelet is a bead that is a different color. I purposely make them difficult to find. 

The one below is sold.

The bracelet shown below is not for sale at this time. There will never be another like it because it would be tedious to duplicate...and it is a favorite of mine.

This one is done with hex beads and they are a bit larger so even though it is the same number of rows as the others it becomes much wider. It is close to 1 1/2 inches wide.

From Gary-Pella Iowa Trip

Wish I knew more about the car but we had an itinerary to keep!

From Gary-Elise Eats

Ever seen a 15 month old baby beg for a whole ear of corn and then eat every last kernel after she's already eaten half a thick pork chop and corn cut from the cob?
We missed getting Elise today sticking her booty way out to find seating and her brand new dance moves. Mom's worried about us always getting food videos of Elise.

Wednesday, August 3


We have finally had a break in the weather. It is strangely quiet without the AC running. Maybe it will give me a boost of energy to get some other things done besides making bracelets...although I am still a bit behind on them.
Butch and I went to the Tuesday Farmers Market on the square and enjoyed a meal provided by the Cooper Methodist Church. We have been going each Tuesday evening. Each week a different group provides the meal as a fundraiser. Last nights hamburgers, coleslaw, applesauce bar and iced tea were delicious.
We won't talk about the week before. The group that provided it will most likely not have a successful fundraiser next time if people retain a memory of it. I am not fussy but it was bad.
Gertie the Garter snake is still a resident on our property. I didn't see her but she left a path through an anthill that was unmistakable. Judging from the track she is about the size of a gas pipe.
Everywhere I look this morning I see dust and/or clutter. So it is time to make order out of chaos. Till next time...

Monday, August 1

Another early morning walk

We managed to get up early and get our walk in but the sweat was dripping off us before we returned home. I am ready for this heat and humidity duo to break up. They are telling us there is a cold front coming through late Tuesday. I hope they are right.
Todays pictures are  a macro shot of a tiny little mushroom in the yard and a cat on a porch.

Sunday, July 31

Our Morning walk

Butch agreed to go for a walk with me this morning. I told him it would have to be early and for him that is a sacrifice. We were up and out of the house by 6:30 AM. Our thermometer registered 74 degrees so even at that hour it was plenty warm. We were able to get our 2 miles in before the serious heat started. These photos are ones that caught my eye as we made our way.

This one is on the alley side of a local business.

Butch says this guy has been working that corn field for quite some time.

Gary and Susan's Morning Walk

Gary and Susan are having a mini vacation in the Pella Iowa area. Here are pictures from their walk.
Gary writes: We explored the Volksweg trail by Red Rock lake today. Nice to have some shade on a hot day. Pretty place! You can't hardly see Susan but she's on the bridge looking back at me. Looks like the trail might have some tough hills for bikers.