Saturday, November 3

Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Lisa at St. Andrews bazaar

A Dam Walk

Beautiful walk this morning on the dam


Smiling Boy

Pretty girl

Mike and Sharon

Click on: Wurstfest

A sweetie

From Austria

Hamhocks and Sauerkraut

We went to Wurstfest in New Braunfels TX with Mike and Sharon and Lisa and Terry. Beer, sausage, sauerkraut and lots and lots of music. Oompah and otherwise. We enjoyed it very much along with thousands of other people!!

Thursday, November 1

Canyon Lake

Canyon Dam

Today Butch and I went for a walk on the dam. (2 miles)

In the dance hall

"I sat here happier than I ever was."

George Strait in his youth

Greune Texas

The dance hall at Gruene TX where parts of the movie 'Michael' with John Travolta were filmed.

Click on:The Gruene Hall

The antique shop. Sharon and Lisa are browsing.

And now...

In 2002 there was quite a flood in this area and in some places the scars are very apparent. This is where the water overflowed the lake and created the gorge in the picture below. In 2001 the land here looked the same as on both sides of this gorge

The picture below is near the historic town of Greune TX.

Tuesday, October 30

Rio Valley Resort @Canyon Lake

The Guadalupe River

We know we are south when we listen to the grackles and the mockingbirds. Nice walk today in the park and along the river.

Canyon Lake Texas

We arrived yesterday about 4 PM. We left the little nameless RV park in north Texas about 8:00 am, early for us. We came across 82 to I 35. We stayed on I 35 for as little time as possible. Picked up 380 west at Denton and took it to 281 south. Not a bad route really and one we would consider again.
Terry and Lisa stopped by and we went to a pizza place for supper last night. It was very good pizza and the place would land on our keeper list.
Today is a golf day for Butch and he is excited!!
More later...with pictures

Sunday, October 28

This is how it is...

We left Carthage MO this morning about nine and we went into Oklahoma...yes, really!!!... then we picked up Hwy 69 heading south and we stayed on 69 until we came to 82 in north Texas. Turned west on 82 and found a little podunk rv park in the middle of nowhere and this is where we are spending the night.
We are headed for Canyon Lake Texas to see friends from Snow Mountain Ranch. Mike and Sharon Bryce and Terry and Lisa Linder. We have an ulterior motive. Butch has a bit of trouble making connections with people who love to play golf as much as he does and he knows Mike and Terry do thus we will be spending some time in the Canyon Lake area before heading to the valley.
So here we are at 4:20 PM. Butch is washing the bugs off the front of the moho and he has the hairclippers out and set up waiting for me to finish this and cut his hair. I am cheaper than Progreso and it looks about the same. Hehehe