Saturday, August 25

A rare day

Morning walk cancelled due to rain. I checked radar on the computer when I got up and it showed that it should be raining with much more to come. Less than a handful of times have we missed our walk due to rain. Maybe twice that I can think of.

Well, the house is ready for drywall installation. All construction materials and aids have been moved to the garage. The floors have been vacuumed. It is clean and ready. Russ is coming today to install pocket doors. The place is looking good. We have had some 95 degree days and it has remained quite cool in the house. The inside temperature has not been above 85 and it took all day to get to that degree.

It looks much larger with everything removed. I am sure that will change as we add back cupboards, furniture, fixtures etc. We are now into the fun part where the fruits of our labors all come together.

Now onto other computer work while I listen to the soft patter of raindrops on the roof.(motorhome) It could go all day and no one would care.

Thursday, August 23

Remembering- Lexi

Lexi - A Kind Spirit always ... March, 2000 to August 21, 2012 
Leo and Keri's dog Lexi passed this week. I remember when Elise was just starting to walk and we visited Leo and Keri and Lexi was so careful of her, taking care not to bump into her. Lexi was a special dog.


We have had lots of drop by company and that is always a pleasant break from whatever chore we are on at the moment. Yesterday Pecan Bill and Kay stopped by. They had been to Colorado to visit their son Mike and are headed back to the Davenport Iowa area to stop in on their son Craig before heading home to Ohio.
We were very surprised and hope they can stay for much longer next time. If you are a regular reader of the blog you know who Bill and Kay are but if not I will tell you they are longtime friends and neighbors from Magnolia Park. We winter with them every year.

We are waiting on the drywallers. There are a few things to do yet but we could be ready for them in very short order. We are also waiting on Russ to come finish up the pocket doors. The hardest part of this whole business is the waiting game. When I look back at where we were when we started we have come a very long way...and we still have a fair amount left like, painting walls, trim work, flooring, bathroom installations, kitchen cabinets,sink and appliances. But we have come far enough this year for me to say if we do not get much farther it can wait till next summer. Next summer's end should be the end of anything major in the putting back together a house.

Sunday, August 19

Odds and ends

We have been clearing up odds and ends on the house getting things ready for the drywall installer. He said he might be able to get here the end of this coming week. We went to an auction Saturday. There were interesting items there but we are still being cautious. Not quite ready because we still do not have a designated spot for whatever we might buy and we have the wonderful position of being able to wait on things until it feels completely right and not just okay.
We did buy a couple of electric carving knives to use in trimming up insulation in a few spots. It works wonderfully for that purpose. They may show up on a sale table in Magnolia park when we are finished with them. The auction was fun though. I think it is always interesting to see what people will pay for things.

We have heard that once the overpass is finished in Jefferson that they will build barricades to prevent people from going around the arms and then they will not be required to blast their horns on the trains. We have great hopes that these rumors are true. Living near trains does build up a tolerance but the silence would be golden.

And that concludes the odds and ends...