Saturday, May 15

Keri treated Butch and I with a delicious Lemon Meringue Pie.

Refreshingly delicious.

And then we have Renee who was resting comfortably on the deck


Elise Colleen Teeter is the daughter of Amanda & Brad Teeter- Amanda is the daughter of Gary & Susan Brooker- And Gary is the son of Barb & Butch Brooker.

So Elise is our 2nd Great granddaughter...and she looks like her Daddy Brad. At least right now she does. But if she takes after her mother she will be a real chameleon. Amanda always looked very different in almost every picture taken of her.

Friday, May 14

Elise Colleen Teeter

May 14th,2010
Born around 5:20PM, 18.75 inches 7lbs., Here are a couple pics. Heard lots of crying from the room.


Yesterday was the last of my testing. All results were good. I do not even have any necessary follow-up of any kind. Butch has a cataract that will need attention soon but not just yet. Oh the perils of aging...

One of the things I will relate from all the tests I have been through; Last year about this time I read that cinnamon can help regulate your blood sugar and since I had a pre-diabetic diagnosis two years ago I decided it could not hurt to try it. I bought a big jar of cinnamon capsules and took one each day. I was not particularly careful of what I ate throughout this past winter although I did refrain from the evils of white stuff (potatoes, rice, and pasta). When first told I had high blood sugar readings, my A1C was 5.9. They do not want it to be above 6.0. An A1C test is an overall reading of your blood sugars over a 3 month or more period of time. Well, when first diagnosed we all know we are much more diligent about things you need to do than after you have adjusted. I have adjusted. 6 months after I first found out my A1C was 5.5. 6 months after that it was 5.9. So now one year later and a years worth of cinnamon capsules later my A1C is once again 5.5. I am going to keep up with the cinnamon. I tell you this because it is such an easy thing to do and I know there are many among you who also struggle with the regulation of your blood sugar. Yeah, Cinnamon!
Search for cinnamon capsules

Thursday, May 13

Busy Week

Smileycons!On Tuesday we went to Atlantic for appointments. We have changed our medical from Atlantic to Jefferson IA, but we haven't changed dentist or eye doctor. So we went to Atlantic and visited with friends Bev & Bill Gunderson. Enjoyed a great lunch at Farmer's Kitchen with them. Then our first appointment was at 2:00 with Dr. Kreifels. I have dental implants and my implant receptacle on my bottom plate was loose and needed to be repaired. I was able to get my haircut from one of my favorite hairdressers in between appointments. And then at 4:30 we saw Dr. Sharp to make sure our eye health was up to par. We went to supper at the China Hut with friends Randy & Sherri Clark, visited awhile and returned home after 10.
Wednesday in Jefferson I had a stress test and chest x-ray in the morning and then spent the remainder of the day doing the prep work for a colonoscopy to take place today. Today I can have nothing to drink before the test which takes place at 3:00 and that may be a bit of a mental challenge. It will be good to get this out of the way. Every year at my annual check up I get asked about a colonoscopy and I have kept putting it off. So this should take the question out of it for a few years.
So far all results look good. No one has said otherwise anyway.
So I am looking forward to supper this evening and getting my life back to normal...Now if only the weather would...Smileycons!

Wednesday, May 12

Our friends the Meyer's Grandchildren


Our friends Merlin and Bev Meyer have several exceptional grandchildren and here are two of them.

Monday, May 10


The weather outside was frightful but the day was so delightful. Mickey and I did lots of catching up on lots of levels and she fixed us a deliciously healthy lunch.

Monday in May

Headed for the big city to get the car serviced and to see my lifelong friend Mickey. Looking forward to a good day

Sunday, May 9

More Deer adventures

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