Thursday, July 21

Squirrel Beach

We are having a heat wave. It was 80 degrees at 6:00am. So the squirrel has been hanging out at Squirrel Beach.


Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Small yellow flowers bloom in the second year, on 6 foot spikes over rosettes of big woolly leaves. Plant in full sun and poor, well-drained soil.
Traditional Healing Uses: For respiratory ailments, migraines, kidney infection, intestinal problems, bleeding, earaches, sinus problems, swelling, tumors, and ulcers.
Other Uses: For making dye or ceremonial torches.
Caution: Leaf hair may cause irritation.
The sun was spotlighting this mullein plant along the trail so decided to share this rare moment with you. Mullein is very abundant along the trail and it is a plant I readily recognize.

Wednesday, July 20

Deer Day

It was primarily deer on the trail today. Saw a total of 4 and one cow. The cow was not on the trail so I didn't have to herd it today. The deer were coming toward me and that is unusual but I think their eyesight was unusually bad or the light was not right for them. I took 14 pictures and all the while they kept coming closer. I finally had to be on my way and once again their escape was down a very steep slope. The special treat today was a fawn and that was later in my route.

Tuesday, July 19

Yes, I am repetitive and boring.

These are photos of yesterday's downed tree. I was able to get under the branch with no trouble, so I did.

Today was much more adventurous. I checked radar before heading out and it looked to me like the rain would hold off till about 9:15am. I left at 6:30am. When I neared the area where cows are usually out, cows were out and on the trail. 7 of them, 4 mamas and 3 calves. So I pondered a bit and decided I was not letting them decide my route for me. I started ringing my little bike bell and they started moving down the trail ahead of me at a meandering pace. They did keep moving as long as I kept hitting the little bell. Finally, we reached the crossroad and they moved off the trail and I was able to get by. I went my longer route that I so dearly love and at my turnaround point I noticed the sky was darkening and then I saw a big lightning strike off in the distance so decided to pick up the pace. I came down that hill to the river faster than I ever have. I met two people headed out instead of back. I asked the first one if she was aware of the weather. She said she was and would probably shorten her ride. I asked the next one, a man and he said yes, smiled and went on his way. I finished riding hard for me. I averaged 5.35 mph on the entire ride.  I made it home just as the first drops came down.

We have had 5 inches of rain in the past 3 days and I have seen several rotted out trees down. It has made me more aware of the ones still standing that are next in line to fall.

Every day is different on the trail.