Saturday, August 12

Apricot Cocktail Poppers

Apricot Cocktail Poppers

Everyone loves finger foods for camping. Gather ‘round the potluck table or patio and dig into these sweet and tangy bites. Serve with toothpicks plus napkins to catch the finger-lickin' drips.

2 bags, 16 ounces each, small meatballs, thawed
16-ounce can of tomato sauce
1 cup water
1 packet apricot gelatin dessert mix
½ cup sugar
½ teaspoon each cinnamon, ground cloves
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
10-ounce jar of apricot jam

Pile the meatballs into a slow cooker or other container for heating and serving. In a saucepan, whisk everything else together and bring to a boil. Remove from heat, stir to dissolve gel and sugar and pour over meatballs. Heat through.

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Thursday, August 10

Busy doing not much again!

It does seem as age creeps up on us that it takes longer to get anything done. I am sure my peers would agree. Maybe it is because we have the time and wherewith all to let things go. I am a big list maker and I am ready to make another one. There is a great deal of satisfaction putting it up on the fridge and marking off the projects as they are completed.

ToDo list:
1. Make a list
2. Sand and paint new pantry
3. Repaint little bicycle yard art.
4. Redo west side of garage flower bed

5. Prepare north side of 3 season room and house for planting of hostas
     a. Dig holes for hostas
     b. surround holes with landscape fabric
     c. Plant hostas
     d. Mulch around plants

6. Lay out path for walk to 2nd RV site (Spring/Summer 2018)
     a. Determine number of pavers needed
     b. Cut sod out of path
     c. line path with landscape fabric
     d. Bring in sand
     e. level out spots for pavers and lay them
     f. fill in with sand.

This morning I rode the trail instead of walking. It was cool and still so it was easy riding. I planned to go to Winkleman's Switch but a truck was coming as I was ready to cross Roger's Road so I turned around instead.
On my way south as I was approaching the trestle bridge a bike was on the bridge so I stopped. I pretended I was taking pictures. Well, actually I was but it was an excuse none the less because I do not like to share the space on bridges. Yes, I know logically there is plenty of room for two bikes to pass. I just do not like it.
Here are the pics I took.

Momma and Poppa wren are getting the babes set to live a life of their own. Flying lessons were not going particularly well for this wee wren when it got a grip on the window screen. It wasn't too keen on letting go of it either.

Sunday, August 6


For being the very best grandfathers of all!

Crazy Days of Summer

This has been a wild and crazy week. Wednesday, Classmate Bob Maddux and his wife Kay touched base with Denise Van who sent out the word that we could meet and greet at the Uptown Cafe. So a few of his classmates visited for an hour or so that morning.

Bill Figenshaw, Dee Van, Carol Zwicky, Pat Rusnak, Bob Maddux and Kay Maddux

 Barb, Bob M and Mickey

On Friday our Missouri kids came with the camper for a mini reunion with the Iowa kids and other family.
Nana Susan was playing SlapJack, Go Fish, and Concentration with the kiddos before their cousins arrived on Saturday.
 Rich and Donna Fetterman, Ann Cortes and her children Nina, Scarlett and Skylar arrived and the fun began!
The guys all played golf in the morning. The five children met for the first time and it was a perfect match. They hit it off big time and played nonstop until long after dark!
Skylar, age 3 soon to be 4 took a few minutes out to watch TinkerBell.

Aunt Myrla brought Silly Putty for the kids to play with and Scarlett got it in her hair so her mother Ann was trying to remove it with Mayonaise. It was slow going.

 Patio conversation

GreatGrands- Elise 7, Nina 8, Leo 4, Scarlett 6 and Skylar 3.
(Four Strong Women and a Ladies Man)
The kids had the best time of all! Leo taught them how to get anything they wanted from Papa Gary and Papa Jason by making big puppy dog eyes or big kitty eyes like the cat in Shrek. It did work a fair amount of the time and soon everyone was doing it, including Jason and Gary.

Nana Barbara, Papa Butch and Skylar.

Ann making big kitty eyes.


 Skylar with Nana Donna


The girls work at getting Jason to twirl them

 Gary, Rich, and Jason
Karla was here for the afternoon and Leo and Keri stopped by in the evening. It was a great and memorable day.

Leo was asked how he was doing with all those girls. He said, "Fine." " How many are there? He said, " There are 3 friends and oh wait, my sister so that makes 4."