Saturday, July 15

Party time

Last week we attended a party at Pete and Jerilyn's house. They had visitors from Indiana and Canada we had met previously when we ventured to Florida one Spring. Here are the pictures I took. Ted and Gary were sitting outside when we arrived. We found out that Gary had become overheated while playing golf and they had to quit early. It was a brutally hot and humid day. Dew point at 75 on a 94 degree day made for extremely unpleasant conditions.

Brenda and Jack


Siding is finished

Russ and Butch have completed the siding job. Whoo hoo! Pictures will be forthcoming after the next leg. That being the paint job. We have hired a painter. Two reasons- Butch hates to paint and isn't any good at it and it is more than we want to tackle in our old age. These are the years of enjoying the fruits of our labor. We worked hard at saving it and now is the time to spend it.
We have always been conservative with our money and that will not change. Actually, most of our expenditures are taking care of the things we already own rather than purchasing new.

The wrens took the construction going on around them like little troopers. We are sure there is a family in the nest as there is lots of coming and going. There was construction work going on above and beside their home. This is a before pic.

Russ and his great grandson Hunter
 When work was in progress.

Tuesday, July 11


Elise was keeping a journal so she wouldn't forget anything to tell her mother. Her Mom and Dad were on a trip celebrating their 10th anniversary and the kid's Grandma and Grandpa, Gary and Susan were in charge for the week. They camped here in their camper for 4 days and then went to a campground in northern Missouri. The kids had not been away from their parents for that long before and to keep them from getting homesickness they were kept VERY busy. Although those two do a pretty bang-up job of that on their own. They packed so much into every day that I had trouble keeping up. So I played my "Old Lady" card and took a break now and then.
Elise got behind in her journal and I told her I would help on the blog but to be honest I lost track too.

Sunday the plan was to go to the pool but finding out it was closed they opted for  Spring Lake instead and it worked. They had a great time.

 On Monday morning we noticed that the sunlight was illuminating Leo's ears! Adorable, isn't he?

 Loading up for their next leg.

To top off my confusion we had Russ here putting on new cement siding and Butch was helping as much as he could. Not really a problem but starting to be difficult to keep track of more than one thing a day.

Russ is working on the last section and we should be able to have the painters here very soon. We will be all spruced up. Maybe, just maybe, we can go through the next summer season without a major project. That will be different!

Monday, July 10

Fun-filled busy week.

Friday's Fun
The kids went to the Park by the Catholic Church and it has been labeled as the very best park of all. The little playhouse was a huge hit with Elise. Of course, she would like a PLAY House! Just before they left she was directing her brother. They were play acting as you might guess. One of the lines I heard, said by Elise was, " You are seventeen years old! It's about time you grew up!" I do not know what the play was about but it sounded serious. A drama, of course.
The play house

 They made a new friend- Autumn

Leo rides

Elise said Leo was helping her get on in this picture but I do not believe that. There is a telling furrow in his brow.😉

This girl loves to read. She comes from a long line of readers. She is 7 and reads at 4th grade level.
Mickey brought Bailey over for a play date. That was fun too! Susan and Bailey are tangled up.

Leo thinks he has control.

Susan takes a time out and Elise is journaling. Leo is probably playing with his imaginary friend Wasp. Yes, Wasp and according to Leo, "Wasp is perfect but he can't fly."

 Leo is in the chair playing sidewalk supervisor.
On bike days Gary rode with me and on walk days Susan walked with me.
Below is a bike day.

I do believe this is a Dickcissle from his song but perhaps a female or a juvenile. So now you know we rode to Winkleman's Switch.
Saturday evening we went to the Park just off the bike trail by the school.
 Susan walked with Elise while Leo rode in the trailer.
  The freedom rock from a few different angles. They now have sidewalk around it.

Elise caught off guard. She did not have time to pose. Great Grandma Barb has her talents too.👵

 Leo making boy type music.
 Just a swingin'
 And monkeying around!