Thursday, April 7

Update in photos

This rocking horse/table was on the Linder's back deck. I thought it to be  a unique feature.

I thought the view between the two RV's was  appropriate- A ring of bluebells around the steps with a patch of blooming aloe in the background.

This view is from the front porch. The RV's are barely visible through the trees

The Linders daughter Tara had this sign made for her Mother's day gift to Lisa.

Tara taking a picture of her Mom and Dad under the new sign.

Terry hanging the sign while his brother Doug looks on.

from L o R- Rodney, Terry, Lisa, Tara and Doug

One of Lisa's roses in full bloom.

Morning sunrise at Big Cabin OK.

Leo story

Nana Barbara and Nana Susan are going to school to have lunch with Elise tomorrow. Leo heard these plans. He said if the Nanas were going to have lunch with Elise the Papas should have lunch at Leo's school. Nana Susan had to tell him it didn't work that way. Leo is in preschool and will be having his 3rd birthday on Monday.

Elise Story

I asked Elise if she had any dress up clothes that she could give up so I could take them to my friend Sherri for her daycare girls. She said,"No". But then Nana Susan reminded her of one she had worn recently that was uncomfortable for her. Elise said, "You mean the polka dot one?" Nana said ,"yes." Elise said, "No, that one still fits Leo." Being the writer, producer and director of her productions she is not about to give up a good wardrobe asset. How lucky she is to have a little brother willing to go along with her shenanigans. The day will come I am sure when Leo will say "No". But then again maybe not!

Update on accidents and trip.

We watched the news while at the Downstream Casino to see if the accidents were covered and indeed they were. The bus was taking 23 high school students and chaperones to the zoo for a field trip. They were all able to get off the bus safely and another bus was brought for them to continue their trip. The people in the van were not so lucky. They were all(?) trapped in the van and one was killed instantly. I assume it was the driver. The passengers said he was from New Mexico and was very tired.
We did have one close encounter when a Sara Lee truck tried to run us off the road. It was a close one! Butch gave him the big horn.
We ate lunch at the Downstream casino, Exit one, partaking of the $6.95 per person buffet and the food was excellent. We would do the lunch buffet again, however, the night buffet hovers around the $20 per person range and that my friends is out of our range.
That is with a players card which is easy to get in the gift shop of the hotel and also lets you stay in the RV portion of the place for free. Their spots have electric and water. It is a good deal all around.
We paid our "rent" by playing the machines in the casino so it was a win/win for them and us.

We waited till the rain let up before heading for Peculiar arriving about noon. Our only battle on that leg was the winds. We met up with our kids at the school, went to a Mexican restaurant for supper and caught up with family news.
I am preparing supper for tonight and Butch is watching day one of the Masters at Gary and Susan's place. I am also catching up with the blog and other Internet stuff. So now we are on with the show!

Monday, April 4

Withdrawal and 2016 Spring Trip notes

I have not had Internet since leaving the valley. Well, I have on my phone but not full blown "do anything you want"  Internet. So now we are in Big Cabin OK at the Big Cabin Deisel Services location. They have EXCELLENT Internet in the 10 space RV park behind their business. FYI-this park is open to anyone. We pull in  their pull-thru full hook-up sites then go to the business office to pay the fee. Butch is talking to them now so I cannot tell you right off what their fee is.

It could take me a good long time to catch up, not having Internet since last Tuesday the 29th. So be patient with me.

Our trip thus far has been silky smooth and uneventful for us. We let Google take us on a bit of a different route than we had planned on the Canyon Lake TX to Thackerville OK-361 mile leg but we will go that way again as it sliced off many miles and time- besides being low on traffic and good surface. Highway 51 out of Gainesville Texas is the road I am referring to and it angles southwest and gets us away from lots of city traffic around the Denton Texas area. I have to make note of these things or the memories of it are less than accurate.

Today's 287 mile leg from Thackerville to Big Cabin was all interstate. On the east side of Oklahoma City in the westbound lanes were two major accidents just a few miles apart. A school bus was completely burned up and it was a gray shell sitting at an odd angle alongside the highway. When it was ablaze it had to have been a spectacular sight. Butch assumed it was an old bus because of the shape. Traffic on the inside lane of westbound was moving but slowly. Two or so miles down the road was another ugly accident where a white van had run into the back of a tanker truck. The van was about halfway under and it looked doubtful there would be survivors. Both accidents had been there long enough for rescue to be there. We were supposing that traffic was at a complete halt in both lanes at the time of the first accident and the driver of the van didn't notice in time to stop, creating the second accident.

Now we are settled in and most of our chores are done. Butch is washing the bugs off the front using the fabric softener method. (But a couple of dryer sheets in a bucket of water, wet down the windshield and let it sit a bit-5 to 10 minutes- then wash as usual and the bugs come right off-MAGIC)
I just watched it happen so I can verify it works.