Saturday, November 17

Printer frustration

A year ago I bought a Lexmark printer. I have not been happy with it. I had troubles right off the bat and called them within a month of purchase. They sent me a new one and it seemed to work okay. Let's say I could fiddle with it and get it to work. It seemed that whenever I tried to use it it was a new issue. I didn't have much need to use it while in Jefferson and working on the house but just before we left I wanted to print out our google map instructions and ran into Lexmark hell one more time. The message on the printer was that I needed a new printer head. A NEW PRINTER HEAD!!! I had not used it enough to need a new printer head. The instruction manual instructed me on how to clean it and gave me things to try to get it to work. I followed the instructions but gave up and figured I would tackle the problem when I got here.
Today was the day. I tried a few things but got the same message so I called Lexmark. I told them my tale of woe and said if the darn thing was beyond fixing I was going to sell the expensive ink cartridges on EBay and throw the damn thing out. He said, "I can help you today.What is the message you receive?" I said "The printer head needs replaced." He said, " No problem. The engineers say the printer head on your model is no good and we will send you a new one." So just that quick my problem is solved. Yes, yes, I know it may not be solved but his answer did a whole lot to cool my jets. They are even sending me replacement ink cartridges. The story may not be over so stay tuned but for right now we are all good.

Friday, November 16

They were in my camera

Big Old Cactus

 Pigeons on a wire

Thursday, November 15

What the day brought...

I managed to get THREE walks in today. Always a bonus. Butch shuffled (shuffleboard) this morning and played cribbage this afternoon. We had Iowa chops for supper. Peggy and I went to H.E.B. Seemed a bit strange to be there without Butch.
I have been without sugar for nearly 6 weeks now. I made some sugar free jello this morning. Tasted like I was cheating!
Some products I have tried lately and really like are:
Blue Diamond Bold wasabi/soy almonds. They have just the right amount of heat. Very tasty.
Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds. Also very tasty
Dannon light and fit Greek yogurt. Cherry and /or Strawberry

Life is in the details

Wednesday, November 14


Not much happening here... When we arrived this fall we were surprised and pleased that a neighbor  sometimes known as Big Ed was gone. Permanently we were told. Well, he is back. Some of you may remember us mentioning Big Ed and if you do you will know our feelings about his return despite the entertainment he has provided in the past. A good story he is...a good neighbor he is not.
So that was our big surprise of yesterday.
So far...yawn...there are no big surprises for today.
We did go over to the flea market and looked the place over. Made a few purchases. Some celery, jicama and some Rada knives for the house in Jefferson.
I am close to the end of the afghan. 
It is day two or maybe three of cool, cloudy weather.
Hey, I am fishing here folks for something noteworthy.
As Ethan would say, "Not today, Maybe tomorrow."  

Tuesday, November 13

Cold front

A cold front has made its way alllll the way to South Texas. It doesn't mean much here of course but we switch to long pants and maybe a jacket for part of the day. The high is supposed to be 70 and it is supposed to stay around there for a few days before warming up again. We are okay with it because we can now turn off the expensive air conditioning. It is easier to add more clothing than to remove it to a comfortable level.
Really isn't much happening these days here...just ordinary living such as we would do in any other part of the country. It is nice having our friends here where we check in with them several times a day and find out they do not know anymore than we do!
There are not any people who want to attend computer class just yet so my Fridays remain free.
All this will change of course as more people get here and the year moves along.

So I am just checking in as I do have people who get out of sorts if I go too long between posts.
Till next time...

Sunday, November 11

Ethan's 4th Birthday

He is 4 now!

Look at those eyes!!

Hotwheel Heaven

Ready for a cold Iowa winter

Elise Videos from Papa Gary

Here are 4 from this weekend.

Greene County Iowa Bus Tours

I have placed one of A.J. and Megan's wonderful videos on the blog before but this is a bigger and better one. An expanded version of the first one.
We are proud of our hometown. They have come a long way...but then it was pretty great place to start with.
See the video here: