Saturday, January 26

Border Crossing Trouble

This one is a must read if you plan to go to Mexico. Congress be da$%&* they are going to be tough at the border. And this begins January 31st

Friday, January 25

Butch is leaving...

to go to Colorado and Snow Mountain Ranch for three weeks. Angel and I are staying in sunny south Texas. Butch is putting in three weeks of volunteer work to have the privilege of skiing in Colorado high country . He bought the ski's he is in a toot to use at a garage sale in Denver last summer while we were at Snow Mountain Ranch. Gary and Jason will be joining him up there for a few days of that three weeks. He is leaving here Sunday and driving to Canyon Lake TX just north of San Antonio and riding up with Terry and Lisa Linder who we met last summer at Snow Mountain Ranch. These Texas people are going back for three weeks to get a taste of winter. I think they are all silly but that's just me!
For those who wonder I am not taking Butch to San Antonio and will be without a car for three weeks. Before you make him out to be the bad guy that is my choice. It saves me two ten hour days of driving by letting him have the car. In the meantime I am in a park with many friends who are more than happy to help me out.
Angel and I will do remains to be seen how the ol' guy will do. I am sure I will know before long. Neither of us can remember being apart for that length of time in our 49 years of marriage. Butch used to travel in his job both in sales and in line work on storms etc. but never was he gone for more than two weeks.
I am in the perfect place for him to do this because of the support system in place for me and the schedule here is hectic. Never time to get too lonely...but three weeks will be long enough.

Wednesday, January 23

Blogger Barb

Where oh where has Barb the blogger been?!!! Putting the park directory together is the answer. It has been taken to the printer and they should be ready for purchase within the next week. There are 208 entries and 21 lack a picture. Now some of those do not want their picture in there. So I am not totally to blame for those that are missing. I do what I have to to get pictures. You will notice one fellow is in the swimming pool when his picture was taken.
Until this project is out of my hands I am tinkering with it so now the tinkering is done and I can get on with other things like catching up the blogs.