Saturday, November 20

Saturday Morning

George Morgan has been hard at it in Magnolia Park doing what needs to be done and putting a shiny new finish on many different areas of the park.

Butch and Milton are waiting patiently and from a distance for the mailman to finish. Our peeps(people) in the park have to be reminded every year that if they crowd the mailman or engage him in conversation that we will all have to go to the post office to pick up our mail. Huh uh! Don't want to do that!!

Check out for more pictures.

Jolene replys:

We had the reception last night and I won third place for the McNay Lily. So happy to get it. Jolene

Just thinking

I haven't had my camera out for over a week. That is almost unheard of and I cannot believe it has happened. So today I will take it with me. I cannot promise anything really earth shattering but if you tune in regularly you know I can always find something to take a shot at.(grin).

The weather since we arrived on Halloween has been  as near perfect as anyone can expect. Every day is sunny with daytime temps in the 70's and 80's and night time temps in the 50's and 60's. I am almost afraid to mention it. In past years November has been a bit too hot but this year we cannot ask for better. Wouldn't it be a special treat if this weather held out till April? Time will tell and I am not holding my breath. Whatever it may be ,it will be the best available in the good ol' USA.
We have not made a trip to Mexico yet. I have a list started with about 8 items on it,adding to it when I think of it. In past years we would zip down about every other week. I wouldn't take a list because we were sure we would be going again soon, so if not this time we will get it next time. Things are different this year. More so even than last year. Time... This too shall pass....Just not sure if it will be in our lifetime.
More later...

Thursday, November 18

Jolene Dozier Oyer's Photo entries

I know I have a few of my classmates who check in on the blog so when Jolene sent me her entries in the art show I decided to share with all of you. I think she does a great job. Here is what she has to say about her entries.
" I entered these photos in the holiday show and did get a call I won something but don't know until this Friday at the reception. They have the best show ,1st, 2nd ,and 3rd ,and couple honorable mentions for the entire show. This makes it harder to win anything in photography. I am happy to win anything. Will let you know the outcome. Jolene"

Tuesday, November 16

Loose ends

Sometimes a person has a day whereby you tie up many loose ends. I much prefer having one of those as opposed to having several days of them. Yesterday we went to the bank in McAllen to get disbursements for next year lined up-next on to Time Warner to stop our statements from going to Arkansas. Really a story not worth taking the time to write. Knowing Butch's brother Bill lives in Arkansas is all you need to know about how that happened. It should be cleared up now. We tried to check out a couple of bead stores in McAllen but never found them. Checked out one in Weslaco but they are overpriced so most likely will not buy there or recommend it. Then we went to a mobile home place to check out floor plans for transferring the ideas to our little cottage in Jefferson Iowa. Saw lots of neat ideas some of which may stick but not many.
This morning started in more loose ends as Butch informed me he was getting low on his thyroid meds. So we got that ordered. Our insurance representative emailed me insurance papers to sign for the Jefferson property so we signed, sealed, addressed, stamped and sent that loose end. This all before Coffee hour. Then we went to play golf. Butch shot a 30 and I enjoyed a nice walk. Yes, I played. I just don't think my score is worth a mention. My mind and slate has to be clean and clear before I can play good golf. It seldom is.
Waking in the morning with nothing on the agenda doesn't seem to happen nearly often enough. Retired? Really?

Sunday, November 14

More Videos from son Gary

Not near as much fun as Elise ones but Grandpa didn't get any new footage from our time with her Yesterday. Not that she doesn't always smile and do totally cute stuff, I was just too busy smiling too. She had a great time in her jumper squeeling and having fun.
Here are the cat videos from a 1999 VHS tape

Pretty Christmas song

Amanda plays the flute for a Christmas song sang at our Church in 1999

Flu Shots

I could not remember if I had told you about our flu shots this year so I went to the search feature on this blog and did a search for flu shots and every time since 2002 that I mentioned flu shots came up. It was only four or five entries but that search feature is a good deal. I had not related the flu shot story of 2010. We had so much going on this fall that we forgot to get our flu shots in Jefferson before we headed south. Our next stop was Missouri and on one of our excursions to the WalMart in Harrisonville we noticed they were giving flu shots and on one of those occasions we had time and decided to get one. In doing so I thought what our deceased parents would have thought about getting a flu shot at the WalMart store. The times they are a changing!!