Thursday, September 13

And the beat goes on...

We were blessed with a 2 inch rain last night. It was a steady, even rain giving us maximum benefit. We have not had that much of a rain since we arrived here last April. Too early to say the drought is over but a step in the right direction to be sure.
The primer on the drywall was applied this morning. The texture will be applied tomorrow and then I will be released to paint come Saturday. The only problem with that is I do not have the paint yet. A trip to Fort Dodge to get the flooring and then another to Ames for the shower parts is in the plan for Saturday. I plan to get the paint at Menards in Fort Dodge as they have the best price right now. So then I will be ready to start painting on Sunday. The sequence of events can get a bit tricky at times.
The cooler weather has, of course, prompted thoughts of heading south to Texas. Our plans are to leave here mid-October, stopping in Missouri to catch one of Gary's football games and see our Missouri kids and kidlets before wending our way to the Rio Grande Valley. That is only a month away. We do plan to get as much as possible done on the house before then but with the usual delays that naturally happen that will not be everything. We are into the fun part now so when we return next Spring it should not take all that long to finish it up. So after two summers of house obsession it should be a different, kinder, gentler summer in 2013.
Oh and by the way, the job thus far on the drywall application looks super! The young man doing the work will get a well earned recommendation from us.

Tuesday, September 11

Not Much

Not much happening these days...waiting for drywall to dry. Today Susan and Myron Van Houweling and Leroy and Elaine Misfeldt stopped by for a visit on their way to the Clay County Fair in Spencer Iowa. Bo(the dog) was with them. Bo and Butch were very happy to see each other. Bo will be meeting up with another one of his greatest Magnolia Park friends, Art Wildeman, when he gets up north. It was fun to visit with our friends we spend the winter with in Sunny South Texas. They wanted to see first hand what we have been doing on the house. Right now it is looking much like a blank slate.

Monday, September 10

Our weekend

There was another auction this weekend and we checked it out. Decided to wait until we have a spot to move it to before buying anything. Also the stuff didn't much suit our taste.
We replaced the wrought iron posts on the front porch with wood posts. I am still trying to decide if they should stay or get chunkier ones. These will do for now. Probably for evermore.
Friend Colleen received her new computer so spent an afternoon helping her set it up. You'all know I do not mind doing that and it is still true. I like to help people get off on the right foot. She in turn treated us to a Beef Stroganoff supper and it was delicious.
There is an occasional nip in the air reminding us that fall will happen. I do not expect the leaf color to be very spectacular this fall. The leaves are drying up and falling, a dried green in color.
We have been doing some tentative planning for our trip south. It will be here in a very short bit. We plan to leave Mid-October. This summer has gone by so fast and I am sure much of it has to do with being so busy on the house.