Thursday, June 14


I have less than an hour before our shift today. We work from 10 to 2:30 with a half hour for lunch. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the duties of our position but now it seems very doable and will soon seem routine.

Yesterday Butch played golf for the first time since arriving. He did not play well, he says. He also said that the altitude makes about one club length difference on distance.

My laptop was running hot and automatically shutting down. It usually took about an hour before this would happen. I was distressed to say the least. So I googled "Toshiba laptop overheating + shut down" and found out that Intel had used some defective processors and the two companies were doing the run around on whose responsibility it was to fix it. This also distressed me. But in the reading of possible solutions a suggestion was made to blow out the openings on the computer with computer-safe compressed air. It sounded like a sensible first measure to take so I did. And the problem was solved!! I pass this along as advice to always do the simple things first and research your problems to find out if someone else is experiencing the same difficulties.

My job will be changing a bit next week. I will be spending one day a week at the craft shop. They would like classes in Swedish weaving, paper bead necklaces and pop tab belts and I am happy to oblige. One thing that is missing here is basket weaving. They would like someone to teach it and that is not in my area of expertise. In South Texas last winter there were people making pine needle baskets that were stunning. I may find out how to do that next winter.

We haven't seen any bears, mountain lions or moose yet but that is one of the most commonly asked questions at the campground. There are warning posters on the bulletin board and I am sure that prompts the questions. I think the animals avoid us because of all the people least I hope so.

Tuesday, June 12

Snow Mountain Ranch Album

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