Saturday, July 30

Heavy Heart (deer)

This morning about 6:40 am on the bike trail I noticed deer on the trail. Not at all unusual and I have seen this family of three on the trail in about the same location a few times before. But this time was different. Mama was limping and as I came closer I saw that her right rear leg was dangling uselessly. My heart sank. I hung back so my presence didn't prompt her to hurry and cause her further distress. I took this picture before knowing her leg was broken and you can't tell from the photo. She made her way to the bean field south of the house and her babies followed her. This story is not likely to have a happy ending and it made me very sad. I wish I knew how to help her and her babies.

Friday, July 29

Friday at 6:15 AM

I stood in the driveway trying to make up my mind-walk or ride. That last walk felt so long and my lower back was a reminder of how much I needed to walk and also how much more fun it is to ride. I finally told myself that the only way for that walk to feel easy, short and pain-free was to do it more often so walking won. And it was easier and less painful than the last time. New plan-walk one day and ride the next. I get to ride tomorrow!
One thing about walking -it makes picture taking easier.
This plant looks very interesting but I have no idea what it is. I think on my next walking day I will pick a sample and see if I can find out. It is about 4 ft. tall and these spiky tops are unique.

 This is bergamot or bee balm. The picture is deceptive because the color is lavender.

 I have a fondness for coneflowers.
 A runner passed me...

 And a biker passed me...

 By the time I saw this sign I was ready!

This is a soybean field, but to me, it almost looks like a cityscape. It is a cemetery in the background

Compass plant
                                                   Rose hips
Better look at the soybeans

When riding, this cutoff stump always catches my eye. Note the scallop around the edges. Anyone see the big cat profile?

This is a bit of a different angle on our back/side yard.

Dentist / roadtrip / friends

Thursday I had a dental appt. in Atlantic IA. It was scheduled a year ago. I have been doing great but wanted reassurance. In March I had a laser treatment on my implants and things have been better than good, in fact, great ever since. So I kept my appointment because I wanted to be sure I was not deluding myself. Hey, it happens as you get older. I see it all the time. I got my reassurance free of charge because he said they looked clean and nothing needed to be done! Happy dance!!Smileycons!  So our trip to Atlantic was basically a road trip. We are okay with that because it lets us listen to an audio book. Current book is "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving. Great listen.
Here are a couple of pictures taken through the windshield.
                                                   Iowa Countryside

We stopped at WalMart to get some money put on a card for gas and ran into old friends of ours from square dancing. Merlin and Bev Meyers. We stood in an aisle and visited for 45 minutes! It was great getting caught up on all their adventures.

We stopped to see our friends Bill and Bev Gunderson and we were lucky to catch them at home. We visited a bit then the four of us went to The China Hut downtown for lunch. It has always been a favorite place of ours and it did not disappoint. We went back to the Gunderson's beautiful home and played a few games of Bridge before making our way back to Jefferson.

It was a most delightful day!!

Wednesday, July 27

Walked today

I walked the route that Colleen and I always walked instead of biking today. It is about 2.25 miles. I will have to use MapMyWalk app to find out for sure. I have needed to do this long before now and this morning's walk reinforced that thought. My lower back hurt but I have found that if I keep going often times those aches and pains will go away. It took a long time to get better but it didn't get any worse. It took me as long to walk that distance as it does to ride 8 and half miles! That is why I have been putting it off for so long. Riding a bike is EASY!

Tuesday, July 26

Today's trail pic

This morning with pleasant temperatures of 65 I rode the trail. Usually, I see a few walkers while still within the city limits but that is about it. Not many of us are up at 6:30 am. Today's tally was 4 walkers, 2 bikers, couple of deer and numerous rabbits and ground squirrels.
One of the walkers was quite ambitious. She was young and when I passed her going out of town she was about 2 miles from the depot. I assumed she would be turning around shortly. When I stopped at my turn around spot and started out a Lance Armstrong wannabe zipped around me at road speed. I have reached an age where I am not intimidated when that happens, just slightly annoyed. They are missing the best part of the trail for want of speed. And then lo and behold the young walker was still walking and at this point, she was nearing 4 miles from home meaning that she would be walking another 4 to get back home! I was impressed! Now if I see her again tomorrow I will be doubly impressed.

I did get one memorable photo in approximately the same area as yesterdays collection.

Monday, Monday

July 25, 1959 we were married and they said it wouldn't last! So yesterday was our 57th anniversary. At least we both remembered it! There have been years where one or both of us didn't remember. Maybe we do now because it amazes even us!!
It was a day like many others- I rode the trail before Butch was up, then Mickey texted asking if I wanted to go shopping in Carroll and I said yes. Butch went golfing. Fun day.
And then at 4:00 we went to friends Dee and Jack to visit with classmates including one of which we have not seen for 55 years. Eddie Tasler! I imagine it is Ed Tasler now but for us, it will most likely stay Eddie. Eddie is here for a family funeral and took time out to touch base with all of us. He now lives in Denver and has for many, many years. It was sure good to see him and he looks good!

L to R Jack Harmer, Ed Tasler, Janet Smith

Ed visiting with Denny Lautner

Ed T. with Ed and Donna Lawson

Two Ed's

And now we have yesterday's trail pics.
I stopped without being aware of the two deer on each side of the trail to greet me. They were posing so nicely that I had to get a photo.

 This spot on the trail is on a ridge and you are looking down into a valley. The river is on the other side of the tree line in photo background.