Wednesday, June 26

Smooth as silk

AC guy (Greg) came yesterday and hooked up our tiny little AC unit and it is working like a charm. I am hoping they do not charge extra for homeowner hovering because Butch never left his side. Greg did not appear to care. We did take him out for lunch.
You may notice the name on the van is familiar. Butch's brother Bill had/has this business in Newton Iowa so we enjoyed some inside connection with the whole process. Thanks a bunch Bill Brooker for all your help with our tiny little house. You played a big part in getting it put together smoothly and we will always be grateful.

This tiny little AC unit is doing a  great job cooling our tiny little house. On this one we have to thank our friend, fellow square dancer and cribbage playing buddy Marv Smith. Marv bought this unit at an auction for one of his farm houses but found out it was too small so he stored it until we came along and needed it. Thank You, Marv Smith.

Isn't it funny how things work out? You can see how much smaller this unit is by the marks on the cement pad from the old unit. But it is the perfect size for us.

Today we have coming to talk to us about a screen room. Most likely not going to  happen this year. In the plan for next year...sure hope it is a drier season than this one has been. I am ready for some dry weather.

Tuesday, June 25

May be a perfect world!

The AC guy called and is coming today! Too soon to say it IS perfect but we are closer.
 I need some art work on the walls and a roman shade in the bedroom but we are so close to done we can nearly taste it. As many have said..."You will never be completely done." And that is very true. The projects I have in mind from here on are small by comparison. We do have a guy coming tomorrow for a quote on the screen room but we are thinking next summer for that project unless of course he comes up with the perfect plan and the perfect dollar amount. Hey, Miracles happen!
Neighbor kids project. My best guess is that it is a table.

Our new ANTENNA.


Dining/living room



and Beyond

Monday, June 24

Pieces are falling into place

Russ stopped by tonight and finished up the cabinet installation. After he left, Butch was in the bathroom and I noticed the one above the refrigerator was upside down. I am thinking,"Oh, Crap!" I want that fixed. I expected a big reaction from Butch but he said pretty much what I did. Well, we fixed it.
Yesterday Butch hooked up the main TV in the living room to Directv and bought an Antenna to hook up the one in the bedroom. I put a big A on Antenna...on purpose...It is a Big Antenna. I protested the size but it is now on the roof and we are pulling in 16 digital channels. More than enough. So I am not sweating the small stuff even if it is the biggest Antenna I have ever seen.
Now if we lived in a perfect world the AC guy would come tomorrow. May get some pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, June 23


Yesterday we putzed a bit. Butch played golf with Jason and then we drove to Boone and had lunch and a visit with Laura and Jason. Colleen had a lamp that she really liked and it fell over and broke. I told her it looked like a job for Jason so we picked up the lady lamp and entered her in the Jason's Handy Hospital for some intensive care. Jason called a bit ago and said the lady is fixed!
While we were in Boone we also bought our new TV's. You knew it had to happen. So Butch spent the better part of today working on getting the TV's set up and operational. I had obligated myself to hostess one of the garden's featured on the Jefferson Garden Club's annual Garden Walk. My time slot was 3:15 to 5:15. It went quickly as we had over 40 people take the tour.
Russ stopped by this morning and said he would be here tomorrow night to finish up our cupboards. Sure hope nothing puts a crimp in that plan.
As it happens I have about 10 pans in the fire. I sure hope I can get them all cooked up real soon.