Saturday, July 10

Taken in Boone Iowa on 7/9/04 at Jason and Laura's house Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 7

Keep Movin' On

Jefferson Iowa has three funeral homes and one grocery store and I find that interesting and pathetic. It seems the city fathers made a bad decision which led to the loss of the competition. Unfortunate and not likely to be rectified.
Anyway...on to a lighter subject. It has been many years since I have shopped for groceries in the old home town. I kept running across familiar faces and they would look at me and try to figure out how and why they should know me and I would look at them and try to come up with the name. I was successful on a few.
It isn't any wonder that people would not recognize me. I have changed considerably in the last 30 years if you can believe it.

Monday, July 5

Well Glory Be! We have made a decision. We will be staying in a Mobile Home Park on the north end of Jefferson IA for a month or two. The price is right (dirt cheap). We have a full hook-up. It is about 1 1/2 blocks east of the new Fareway store. An easy little ride on paved streets to the Raccoon Valley Bike Trail. I am tellin' ya it meets all my needs and I am pleased as punch.
So if you are in the area drop on by and see us sometime.
Till next time...

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