Saturday, August 22

A walk to school

Butch and I went for a walk this morning. Since we are right next to where Butch grew up we decided to retrace the route Butch would take to get to the Pink school(elementary). Of course it is no longer there but we remember well where it was and it is a big empty lot now so not much imagination is required to find its former location. And then we traced the route I would take to walk home. It was a nice pleasant walk- the worst part being crossing Hwy 4 twice. It was hwy 17 back then and two lanes. Now it is 4 lanes. That was fun.
Butch washed the car to prep it for waxing yesterday. Today we were chewed out as it is against the rules to wash vehicles. Now the original plan was for the MoHo to get washed and waxed too. Hmmm... another reason to buy a spot of our own. Where there is a will there is a way.

Friday, August 21

Long time a comin'

For 2 years or more I have been hearing about the buying of this car. It is a Hyundai Sante Fe - The color is khaki so it has a green tint to it. It is a manual transmission so that we can tow it 4 wheels down. I have driven it and it is like riding a bicycle- once you know how you do not forget.

Feeling Safe!

The wedding afghan is finished and I am quite pleased with it. I know when I am safe in posting on here as the recipients do not keep track of us old codgers. Now I might get caught if I had posted it on Facebook or MySpace.

Thursday, August 20

Jason's Frog

Jason was mowing last weekend and "rescued" a frog. Of course he had to bring it in to show Laura and I his plump little friend.

It has been driven

This was when we picked up the car and were transferring all the junk from the Saturn to the Sante Fe

I drove it today(Hyundai Sante Fe). No problem. A little rough around the edges but it wasn't too bad.

I went on the bike trail this afternoon and got rained on. Thank goodness it wasn't like the rain we were in yesterday when we went to Atlantic to get my mammies grammed...and my hair cut.

Butch's computer finally bit the big one...the really big one. There is no fixing the problems it has. I have mine diagnosed(by me)...sort of. I think the modem quits on occasion and then starts again. Of course there is never a good time for that to happen. Hey, when you want it, you want it. So if you see a big gap in communication from me and I do not answer direct question emails you can bet I am without internet and I am shopping for a new one.

Wednesday, August 19

Here we are!

This was taken by Laura at the Brooker Family Reunion. Not often do I approve of pictures we have taken but this one I do.

Tuesday, August 18

We pick it up today

Another trip to the big city to get our new car. I laid awake for a couple of hours during the night thinking about "manual transmission". Oh well, what will be, will be.
I am on the final finishing edges of granddaughter Ann's wedding afghan. So stay tuned for pictures of our new and finished stuff around here.
Rode the bike trail again yesterday. Need to take my camera as there are some really cool pictures of shady glens.
Till next time...