Friday, November 15

Our Thursday

Butch had an appointment with his favorite massage therapist, Karina, and since I had a few items I needed from Costco and HEB I tagged along taking a nap in the car while he was in session. He goes to a massage school and Karina is one of the instructors there. Here is their website:  He misses her when we are in Iowa.

We then made our way to Costco. It is pre-holidays but that place was almost too busy for me. HEB was next. We went to the big store and I am still not well acquainted with it to find everything I need. Never did find slow cooker crockpot liners. I know they have them but that place is HUGE.
They make tortillas at the big store and I took this pic a while back. You can watch them being made anytime.

There is a new KETO ice cream called Enlightened so I picked up a pint. 5 carbs for the whole thing. I didn't eat it all in one sitting. It was okay and I liked it well enough to pay the big bucks ($4) when I feel I simply must have ice cream.

But those must-have cravings do not hit me now like they used to. I haven't weighed for a while now. I didn't bring our scale so I have to go to the exercise room to weigh myself. I think once a month is enough. I last weighed a few days after we arrived here so will wait till about the 26th or so to weigh again. It is much more about how I feel when I eat this way than it is about what the scales say. And I feel great. The flexibility and being free of pain are plenty of incentive to keep me going.

Thursday, November 14

Vegetable Wagon

The vegetable and fresh fruit person is here, 9-10:30 every Thursday. They park on the east side of the park. Right at our back door. I picked up some fat carrots. I love those fat ones. Do not know if there is any truth in it but I have heard that Gerber buys up the fat ones because the sugar content is higher. $1 Yes, I am still on Keto. How much damage can a few carrot bits create?

Wednesday, November 13

A Cold One and Trivia

It did not get above 40 degrees yesterday. It was indeed a cold one and set new records that were over a hundred years old. We spent most of the day at home and then Dave called and said their cribbage board was jumping all over the place wanting to be played so we went over for a few games.

I had decided that it was really iffy that anyone would show up for trivia so I fully expected to go up to the Sunrise room, wait a sufficient amount of time for people to show and then come home again. I had forgotten what troopers Winter Texans truly are. We had three teams and a few new people to the game. It was a particularly fun evening and I hope it can be duplicated many times over this season.

After trivia, we went to the pool hall and shot a couple of games. Ended up being a full and productive day despite the frigid temps. Yes, 40 degrees is frigid!

Tuesday, November 12

Good Morning (39 degrees)

Related image
We are hunkered down this morning. We will venture forth this evening to see if there are any brave souls who want to play trivia at 6:30 pm in the Sunrise room.

Monday, November 11

Frigid Forecast

Today the temps were in the high 80's, AC running, sweat dripping off my nose as I put a salad together for supper. Actually, that is when we turned on the AC. So we plan to turn off the air when the front comes through and the temps fall into the 60's tonight around 8:00 pm and into the 30's tomorrow. The last mini cold front that came through I made some Chili and there is enough leftover for tomorrow.

Sunday Fun

6 couples of us went to a bar in the country. Harley's Beer Garden and Country Store. It is in the middle of the country with the nearest town being Bayview Texas and for those that know it isn't too far from Brownsville/ South Padre. It is obviously well known among the locals and early Winter Texans because the place was crowded. The music was fantastic! Check it out here:
Here are some pictures I took.

Dave and Liz

Paul and Sally



South Texas Moon!