Thursday, December 10

Iowa's Big Storm

From Leo outside Jefferson Iowa. Those sundogs do not appear until it is very frigid!

We keep track of the weather up there in the lands of snow and cold and we reminisce of storms from the past...and the memories are enough for us!!

The two pictures below were gleaned from the online Des Moines Register site. When these big boys get stopped everyone is stopped!

Tuesday, December 8

New job

We have taken on a new job here in Magnolia Park. We have agreed to be an after hour and weekend contact persons. We would help people find a spot...if there is one. Answer emergency people if needed etc. It is a position we saw a need for and offered our services. We are being compensated in an appropriate way for what will be expected. So we are workkamping once again!

Sunday, December 6

As promised

Here is my mother's day cactus in its new home.

Bits and Pieces

Still trying to get warmed up after our cold spell. We participated in the garage sale yesterday and did well with the few items we had for sale. Gained a bit more space in the motorhome but it will fill up fast as it always does.
We picked up a new Verizon phone on Friday and it has a qwerty (full keyboard) so it would be easier to text if we choose and I am not at all sure how much we need to text. I have a computer and to me it seems like duplication of services. It also has a camera and we can send and receive pictures. The Iowa kids said they sent us 2 pictures but they haven't shown up yet in my phone that I can find. Something amiss there. The phone is enough like a computer that I am finding it easier to navigate than the old phone. I sold the old phone on the garage sale for $3.
Butch has been having fun on ebay. He purchased a new driver after much bidding and watching and losing. He finally won. y i p p e e.
I am in touch with several Swedish weavers I have met online. And next Wednesday a few of us are having a gathering in our park. Let's see...originally one is from Michigan, one from California and one from Missouri. The Internet can be a wonderful thing. Oddly enough someone at the garage sale had an old Good Housekeeping needlework book and I looked it over for Swedish weaving and found a few pages on it. I have the book now and we should have fun with that on Wednesday.
Caught up for now...