Thursday, November 29

Myrla's Big Adventure

My sister Myrla called yesterday after her heart procedure. Myrla had a heart attack a few years ago and still has heart 'issues', of course. They were taking a look at her heart scoping for blockages. Her tests came out pretty good, she tells me.

Myrla has an older neighbor who has a heart defibrillator and a mean dog. Myrla is good with dogs and when her neighbor has medical emergencies, and that happens frequently, Myrla is called upon by the EMT's to corral the dog. Myrla says that after a couple of encounters with her, the dog has become much better.

Tuesday Myrla's neighbor(Let's call her Mabel) comes over to her house to call in for her defibrillator. Mabel only has a cell phone and you need a land line for the
defibrillator. The medical personnel told Mabel that her defibrillator had activated 4 times in the past 24 hours and they do not know if the defibrillator is defective or if her heart needed a jump start that many times. The woman is a walking time bomb and she knows it. She said she was not going to have her grandchildren stay with her because she wasn't sure she would make it through the night and didn't want them to be the ones to find her.

Wednesday, Myrla goes to the hospital for her heart procedure. She had a bad reaction to the sedative the last time she had this done so the doctor touched base with her on this point and assured her she would not have a problem this time. She said everything went well but she was really drugged up and it took a long time for it to wear off. The nurses lowered the lights in the room and left a small lamp on. She was in and out and resting nicely when a pink lady came in and said,"You have company!" Myrla fought to get her eyes open and 8 inches from her face saying,"I'm here!" was Mabel. Myrla said that running through her mind was "#@%&, I must not have made it...but why did they send Mabel...where is Mom(deceased)...or Jayne(deceased).... Mabel has a nice halo around her head,created by the glow of the lamp. Myrla said it took her awhile to comprehend that she was still alive and that Mabel really was there. She knew this when she became awake enough to see Mabel's daughter and granddaughter beside her.

Now maybe it is peculiar to my relationship with Myrla and the way our family is and always has been but she and I found this whole situation hilarious. We laughed
till the tears were rolling down my cheeks. I wanted to share the story with you. You may find this scenario a bit off kilter but it is the way we are...and I still think it is funny!

Tuesday, November 27

Rummage Sale

I have been knee deep in stuff. We humans are accumulators and there is no doubt about that. When your living space is small that becomes a problem so I am going through 'things' and making the decision to keep or sell. This is a time consuming project and making all those decisions is tiring. On the plus side, after next weekend we will have more wiggle room in our humble abode.