Saturday, October 3

Auction Results

It didn't go so well. There were no buyers there. The car brought a reasonable price but the rest of it brought next to nothing. Slightly better than giving it away which we nearly did. Butch and I have had two auctions neither of them very successful. The one conclusion we have come to is that when and if we furnish another home we will do it through auctions. A perfectly good bedroom suite- 3 pieces-brought $12.50! If a person is patient and persistent an entire home could be furnished for next to nothing.

We had not been to an auction for a long time so from an unattached perspective it was interesting. And I could have been tempted a time or two but the old question of where do I put it in the motorhome stops me every time.

As the year goes by we do put things aside for sale when we get back to Magnolia Park in south Texas. I have never seen sales do as well as they do there anywhere else in the country!

Friday, October 2

Cold & Rainy!

We are all cuddled in our cozy little home. Todays weather is like the worst weather day we could get in the middle of January in south Texas. The high for today in Anita Iowa is 45 degrees!!! It is a TV and popcorn day.

Movie in Lenox

My sister Teri is a teacher in Lenox IA where they made a movie. She sent me a link to the trailer for the movie.
"There is a trailer on youtube for “The Crazies”. My room is in the very last scene in it, where the room is full of gurneys."


Thursday, October 1

Jason & Laura

A week from today Jason and Laura are getting married at the Willow Creek Glass Chapel in Minden IA. I will take pictures of course and post them.

At Lake Anita

We left our spot in Jefferson yesterday and made our way a few miles further south to Lake Anita State Park, Anita Iowa. We will be here until October 8th when our youngest son, Jason is getting married. More on that later.
After we arrived yesterday we went to Atlantic to visit with friends Randy and Sherri. Randy has been seriously ill but seems to be slowly on the mend now. We have been concerned about him. He isn't out of the woods just yet but we hope he is headed in the right direction.
We also stopped by Bob's apartment and picked up a bit so it wasn't quite so disastrous. We left the keys so we can close that chapter completely now. I plan to go visit him but after the auction.
Rainy day- I hope to get a walk in but we may have to work it in between showers.

Monday, September 28

Life goes on...

Yesterday Butch filled in for our friend Randy as he is under the weather. He played with Sherri and two other couples in a golf tournament in Red Oak. I stayed in Jefferson and went for a long walk around the town. Bumped into friend Shirley Franey and we chatted a bit. Other than that it was me and the cat. I did watch Our National Parks by Ken Burns on PBS and enjoyed it very much.
Oh yes, they did well in the golf tournament with a 64 but they did too well and didn't cash in. It is the nature of things.
Today we are headed to Clive, near Des Moines, to assist friend Mickey in some gutter work on her house.
Soon, like Wednesday or Thursday we will be changing our location to Lake Anita.