Saturday, July 21

Deer Morning

Keri and I rode out to Winkleman's Switch. On the way back to town Keri spotted this deer. I think the poor thing might be pregnant.


Jefferson will be hosting Ragbrai Monday night so the whole town is "getting ready for company". What is Ragbrai you might ask? It started a long time ago. The DesMoines Register started it with a couple of their reporters getting it going by mapping a route across the state. Ragbrai is an acronym for Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.  We will have riders from all over the world making the trip across the state. The route changes every year. This year one of their overnight stays is in Jefferson. So in a little while, I will be cleaning up a bit and getting ready for company.
But in the meantime and before posting Ragbrai pictures here are some photos I have recently taken.


Butch cooking supper

Bath time for a Robin

 giving me the stink eye!

Young House Finch
 He was enjoying the "rain" from the fountain

Thursday, July 19


Just so everyone knows, Butch's surgery was a success. They got it all and nothing more needs to be done. Yeah!
So we both have a follow-up/check-up appointment for October 10th. Plan to head south shortly thereafter.

Wednesday, July 18


I have 15 minutes to get this post typed up and published. Butch and I are headed for Ames so he can get his stitches removed and find out if Dr. Poag was successful in getting it all. Then we will be making a Costco run and then back home in time for Trivia night at the Elks club. I use one of the question pages from last Spring. So everything is set in place to have a smooth running day.

Yesterday on the trail I spotted a deer in a cornfield. Did not have my good camera with me but I did have my phone.
Caught in the act!!

Sunday, July 15

In trouble

I complained to the trivia guy and got my butt in a bit of trouble. I took down the questions to make peace. His job isn't easy and I of all people should realize that.

This morning I biked out to the road before the big bridge. It was foggy. I had to take my glasses off because they steamed up and I couldn't see. I did see this car on the trail. But missed seeing this glass right in front of the car and rode right through it.

This glass was right in front of the car. I took the pictures when I came back and walked my bike around the glass. Several people saw me taking pictures. I came home and called the police. I was much more concerned about the glass than the car. I was tempted to pick up the glass and place it right behind his tire but I did not succumb to temptation.

These two pictures were taken where I turned around.