Friday, April 20

Iowa update

We left the Rio Grande Valley on Sunday April 15th and made our way to Llano Texas staying there a couple of days greatly enjoying the company of our Canyon Lake/SMR friends. Wednesday we headed to Norman OK where we spent the night in the Windriver Casino parking lot but more importantly meeting up with Snow Mountain Ranch friends Marilynn and Sam Wilson. We had a fantastic meal with them at a place called Libby's and caught up on each others lives. Also greeted Graem, their now 13 year old grandson who we also first met at Snow Mountain Ranch. Graem is as good looking as he is nice. He is just a great kid.
The next morning we headed out early for us (7:20AM) to make our way north through Oklahoma City where we did encounter some parking lot driving but otherwise it was an easy go. We sucked it up and used the toll roads through Kansas and they do make for easy interstate type driving. Their fuel prices were lower than we had in Texas. We do not understand this at all. It used to be the prices  for fuel in South Texas were the lowest anywhere but that is no longer true. The lowest prce for diesel($3.79) that we encountered was in Missouri but we had already filled up in Kansas so passed it by.
We were in for a very long day because it is a total of 582 miles from Norman OK to Jefferson Iowa but we pulled up short in Anita Iowa. We were both really tired by then and looking at another hour plus to home. We are very familiar with Lake Anita State Park and have stayed there many times. When we pulled in the drive we saw a turkey, a fox and several deer all within 30 seconds! We had a pleasant but chilly evening. It was chilly outdoors but not in our cozy abode with the electric heater running.
We did not get up in a big hurry leaving the lake at 8:20 headed for Jefferson. Leo had called to warn us that there was road constructionNorth, East and West of town but he did not know about South. There is road construction south too! What wonderful planners are the DOT of Iowa!!
But now we are in our spot at 402 N Cedar in Jefferson Iowa getting settled in. Butch is off looking for a pipe wrench to get the water hooked up so I can call the city to have it turned on.
We have new neighbors to the north. It seems James and Renee from last year made a hasty retreat to parts unknown for unknown reasons. I witnessed some suspicious activity last summer so I think I have an inkling. They were good neighbors though despite the funny stuff.
Now we have Matt and Sasha although we have not yet made their acquaintance. Leo has mowed for us 3 times so he has passed on this info.
It will take us a bit to get settled in. It always does no matter where we are.
My internet connection is always a big question mark here. I have seen my home page and connected a couple of times for brief periods so decided I would get everything I want uploaded to the internet lined up so If I lose the connection I can just keep trying. This is one issue I hope to tackle this summer and get resolved somehow. If any of my readers have experience with Hughes Net or any other satellite connection will you please contact me and tell me how you like it?
Well, the water is hooked up!! Love that small town service!!
Well the old boy is asking for my assistance so will see how the posting goes...

Tuesday, April 17

Llano Texas-Yesterday

Butch and the group played golf while I caught up on details followed by a walk to the river...and a photo shoot.

Do not ask me what these flowers are because I will tell you they are pretty.

Tree grows in rock

Bluebonnets growing in pavement

Cactus in bloom

Llano Texas police station is in our RV park

Monday, April 16

Out of the Valley

We have made our way north out of the Rio Grande Valley. Sunday is a good day to travel as traffic is lighter. We are now in Llano TX where the RV park is connected to a golf course and Butch plans to play for a couple of days before we head further north. We have met up with friends we made while workamping at Snow Mountain Ranch. Terry and Lisa Linder and Gary and Lou Nelson.
The Texas wildflowers are in bloom and we are treated to mile after mile of beautifully carpeted flowers alongside the road. The flower pictures were all taken through the windshield at 55 mph.

A gathering of friends...old and new.