Sunday, April 8

*First Day Headed North

We left the valley at about 7:30 am because Butch wanted to get to Canyon Lake before the Masters started. We made it. The trip was relatively uneventful. We hit the predicted cold front around the Kingsville lateral. I saw a sign for Kingsville about the time it hit. We, of course, were on 281 and not 77. The wind was pretty wicked most of the way.
The Linders have an RV spot in their yard similar to what we have in Iowa. It is a bit tight to get into but Butch made it on his first try and I was impressed! We watched the Masters and then played cribbage until the numbers started jumbling in my head. I was very tired. We had some brisket that Lisa had purchased at the Bare Bull in Startz and we all agreed it was the best brisket any of us have ever eaten. If you are ever in the vicinity it is very much worth the effort.
Next travel day will be Tuesday or Wednesday. Hope to get some pictures soon.