Thursday, January 5

Ethan's "Baby"

When Ethan was just a wee one his mama would say things to him like "No, Baby. Don't touch" and "It's time to go, Baby" etc. Ethan picked up the endearment and started returning the favor by calling his mama "Baby". So now this three year old says to his mama  "It's time to go, Baby" etc. I think it is cute but his Grand Papa Jason says at what age does it become just weird. Maybe in his teens?

Getting things done

Norma's computer - still working on it. Updated stuff and running Malware bytes. Her 'puter is really in pretty good shape. It is just in for a checkup. One of the things that did come to mind is that Norma's up north connection to the internet is at the library and so she is only on for a short period of time. Double edged sword. She isn't on for long so that lessens her chances of picking up any bad stuff but she isn't on long enough to get all her updates downloaded and installed. I hope Norma is okay with me telling you this. This lady has come such a long way in learning about her computer. She tickled me awhile back when she was able to help others with their computers and she was spot on with her info.
Sometimes people think there is something wrong with their computer when all it is is updates coming in and/or trying to install.
I am running Malware bytes and we are on hour three. The last hour and a half is checking .exe files on games.

In I guess you could say I am multi-tasking. But only on load one of three.

Allegra D prices. YIKES- Cheapest in USA was $98 for 30 tablets and he is taking one every 12 hours. So we went back to Mexico. The pharmacist yesterday said,"See you tomorrow." And he was right. 60 tablets were $82.50. Enough for a month. Butch went to the doctor yesterday for his annual allergy visit and then we made the first trip to Mexico for Meds. Today was the second trip. He has been suffering with allergies for over a week, getting progressively worse. Unable to sleep because of sinus drainage for 3 consecutive nights. Last night he was finally able to get some sleep and is napping now in fact. I have had a bit of the same thing but so far me and my neti-pot have held it at bay. Other than that we are A-OK health wise.
Aaaah...It stinks when life gets in the way of fun.

New Years Day tradition is eating at Lin's Chinese Restaurant. On the left side front to back is Dean, Rozetta, Dick and Dale. On the right side is Butch, my empty spot, Norma and Leslie.

Wednesday, January 4

Long ToDo List

My list is a bit long but thought I would just say "hi" so you know the blog is on the list.
The list:
Norma's computer
Lucy's computer
Judy H Kindle
Download camera pics
Look up cost of Allegra D through Humana
Cook Ham in oven that is larger than mine.
On the blog:
Tell you about Ethan's "Baby"
Butch's doctor appt.
I will get to blog asap.

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year to all!!

Butch and I went up to Allen Hall for awhile to visit with friends and listen to music for a bit. I must admit that after our trip to South Padre yesterday I was in a fight not to put my pajamas on and spend the evening at home. I did make it to midnight but I listened to the fireworks in a prone position. They were every bit as loud as usual.
Here are my favorite pictures from yesterdays South Padre adventure.

This dog was having a great time with his people throwing him a ball.

A girl was feeding the gulls so they were clustered together waiting for more and the father and daughter featured below were running through them. They were having a great time.

There was a heavy fog near the shore but yet the sun was shining overhead. Very unusual day at the beach.