Friday, April 23

Pass Christian MS on Thursday

When old folks gather...Yes, they are all old folks!

Thursday, April 22

Still in Shock

We are still in a state of shock over the turn of events this week and spending the summer at Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort. I had applied for this last September but the owner told me that all spots were filled . He said he would keep our resume and contact me if there were openings. We sort of had an inkling there might be but didn't count our chickens.
I have spent quite a bit of time looking over the website. is a lot of info there! We already have friends making plans to come see us. Our friends and family get a 10 % discount for all of it. It isn't just for golfers. There are quilting retreats as well as lots of other things. It has some similarities to Snow Mountain Ranch but lots of differences too. Our emphasis will not be on the campground so much because half of the 23 RV spots will be taken up with volunteer staff. So it looks like we will be doing a variety of things. For our spot we have to work a total of 36 hours for the two of us. That is less time than was required at SMR So it should be a snap to do that many hours. It is a freaking long way up there...nearly 800 miles from Jefferson Iowa. About the same distance as if we were going to SMR. Neither of us have been to Michigan before so it will be full of new sights and sounds.
Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work we go!!

Wednesday, April 21

3 Cactus Flowers

Thunder Bay Golf Resort

It seems our plans have changed this summer and June will find us at the Thunder Bay Golf Resort in Hillman Michigan as workampers.
The message below is from owner Jack to us:
"There are a variety of things that we have to do.  We give you a list of things that we need help with and ask each of you to list the 3 to 5 things you would be most interested in doing and qualified for.  Then we have you meet with our staff in the different work areas and we try to balance out your interests and our needs.  We try to provide variety so you are not just doing the same thing all the time (unless you want to).  We ask you to be flexible and we are as well – so you won’t get a schedule of your hours weeks in advance."

If Butch doesn't like it here he won't like it anywhere and we will give up workamping entirely if I hear too much grumbling.
So come see us!
Discount of 10% for friends and family that visit you at the Resort on packages that include lodging, RV site, Elk Viewing, Golf or meals.

Below is a list of things we may be doing and as you can see there are plenty of things to choose from:

Workamper Assignments

Gardening on flower beds around the golf course & Resort 2 people
Administrative Assistant – Jack, owner 1 person
Administrative Assistant – Melanie Libby, Gen. Mgr - with tour
Buses, groups and as needed 1 person
Restaurant promotion & assist/fill in on busy days/times –
Wait on tables, wash dishes, act as greeter, bar tend, assist
cook or cook (if we have anyone with those skills)   1 or 2 person
Tend herb and vegetable hydroponic garden for restaurant 1 person
Golf course maintenance – Mow greens and chores –weekend 2 people
mornings and as needed during the week
Entertainment – Clubhouse Grill, RV Park, 1 person
Campground Host, park maintenance, trash removal 2 people
Assist in Organizing and scheduling workampers 1 person
Housekeeping – assist on really busy days with high turnover 1 or 2 people
Golf course Rangers, pick range balls, assist on outings,
Tournaments, wash golf carts 1 or 2 people
Maintenance and repair – assist maintenance staff in projects
Painting, staining, tiling, light construction, do we have
anyone with refrigeration experience? 1 or 2 people
Internet Social Networking (marketing) about the Resort on the
Internet – Blogging, Facebook, etc. 1 person
Internet marketing of Elk Antler products, including Velvet Elk
Antler 1 person
Newsletter – put together monthly newsletter for Resort Staff 1 person

Other possibilities:
Elk Viewing guide
Carriage Driver, if anyone has experience driving and/or with horses
Assist during quilting retreats

This listing is preliminary and there may be additions and subtractions.  One person may perform more than one of these functions.